MethLab Agency: Subsistenz014.5 by Maztek & Current Value

Current Value & Maztek produced the lastest SUBSISTENZ' 2-tracks EP

SUBSISTENZ take another bold step with their Berlin-based label following up their release with MachineCode, Lockjaw & Allied with a truly tectonic pair of tracks from CURRENT VALUE and MAZTEK. Subsistenz 14.5 delivers the debut collaboration between Current Value & Maztek in the form of FEEDBACK ECHO and a typically texturally heavyweight stomper from Current Value with DECLOCK. The result is a pair of tracks crafted with the kind of precision and weight that can only be attributed to masters of the art of DnB.

FEEDBACK ECHO sees Neurofunk forerunner Maztek, who has released to date on titan labels Renegade Hardware, Virus and Eatbrain, join forces with Current Value. Their combined appreciation for edgy tech is clearly manifested in the dynamics of the track – stripped beats flow against restless roughly textured synth work and massive undulating bassline.

Current Value lays down the hurt with DECLOCK, with broken acid lines punctuated by an inhuman vocal and shimmering digital pads. It’s double-time bassline provides heavy drive to the powerful steady pace, with oldschool sci-fi rave synths making this feel immediately at home in a desolate warehouse.

SUBSISTENZ 14.5 brings together 2 names that are constantly on the tongues of any self-respecting cohort of Neurofunk and tech-focussed DnB. The boutique label offers another slice of their minimal and heavy sound with intensely strong vision.


Release Date: 14.12.2015



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