We are all expecting the first major DnB event of 2016 – the annual birthday of HMSU (the largest and oldest DnB organization in Bulgaria) on Jan 23. As the Organization has been steadily introducing the participants in the massive event, we managed to grab an interview with JADE, who will play at the Eatbrain room, along with artists like Mindscape, MC Coppa, and our native L33 and Ogonek.

Simon Gabor, aka JADE, is a 36 year old architecture engineer from Budapest, who made a name on the DnB scene at the beginning of the 2000s, leaving his mark on labels like Moving Shadow and Black Sun Empire Recordings (Now Blackout). While looking for his music identity, he steadily pioneered the emerging sound known as "neurofunk", which is currently one of the most popular DnB subgenres worldwide. Jade’s marked and heavy style quickly reserved him a place amongst the finest producers on the scene. In 2009 Jade released his debut album - "Venom LP", on the highly regarded Citrus Recordings. Two years later he made a major step ahead, establishing his own label EATBRAIN - a forward thinking heavy sounds oriented records company that is currently dominating the DnB scene’s tastes.

This is how and when this great journey started for Jade:

"It was my early 20’s. We fled from a blizzard to a basement club called Jailhouse, and there was DNB on the menu, so I got hooked for life. At that time I couldn't make any difference between the tunes, all that I felt was pure musical energy. As I learnt later, the DJ played tunes from Bad Company, Konflict, Stakka & Skynet, Ed Rush & Optical, you now that fine dnb of the late 90’s."

Interestingly enough, Jade has always been into heavy sounds, and has preserved his markedly aggressive style throughout his career. We asked him if he had been involved in neurofunk from the very beginning or he was hooked to it later on.

"We did not really call it neuro. There was techstep, technoid and other words floating around, but we listened to DNB in general. Neurofunk as a subgenre got a lot more defined in the past couple years. I started with DNB, and it has been my primary focus, but i tried myself in other genres: I did house, breakbeat, trip hop, dubstep."

Eatbrain is currently one of the leading labels on the DnB scene and we are curious how it all started.

"In 2011 I was already making DnB for 11 years, and I had been releasing since 2004. By that time I had released tracks through over 15 different labels, and I felt like I belonged nowhere. I created my own home, the label was solely for my own output in the beginning.So I did not even think of making a „real” label, let alone the success we have right now.It all changed when I signed Mefjus and Neonlight, and released their single. I realized I like this end of the scene as well. I ended up signing Teddy Killerz, Telekinesis and many others in 2013, so that's when the label really started."

According to Jade, the reason behind this instant success is the quality music they introduce through the label. We cannot agree more. And we are curious what new things are about to come out.

"We released over 30 artists this year, and we are going to continue to do so next year, but there is one guy I'd like to highlight, your very own L 33. He is one of the top talents emerged lately, and I'm proud to have him on the label. Expect HUGE things from him in 2016! (khm Debut Album)."

More and more often Eatbrain organizes events presenting leading artists released by the label, known as Eatbrain Nights. We asked Jade to tell us more about those.

"We had over a dozen EBNs in the past half year, and Novi Sad was one of the best. It was Halloween, so many sick costumes, even we have painted our faces! We had about 1k visitors, and I was really happy about the outcome. I'm generally happy about the apparent return of the Serbian dnb scene. It used to be a great place to play out, then it wasn't any more for several years. It was reignited a couple of years ago. This year we welcomed the first Serbian act to release on Eatbrain, Splash Heads.
We already have EBNs planned besides Bulgaria in Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, UK, Belgium, and we are in the talks about Luxemburg, Italy, USA, Colombia, Portugal, Germany, Austria, France, Ukraine, Poland. For me personally only Luxemburg would be a first time.
In January in Bulgaria the label will be presenting Mindscape, Jade, L 33 hosted by Coppa vs Jubei, Ant TC1, dBridge."

Speaking of the upcoming HMSU birthday in January, where we will also welcome Metalheadz artists, we asked Jade what he thinks of Metalheadz and if any collaborations between Eatbrain and Metalheadz artists are possible.

"Everything is possible, as they say. :) But it's not very common for labels to arrange collabs for the artists. I'd personally love to do a collab with DLR one day!"

Jade has been in Bulgaria before, and he is quite familiar with HMSU and the Bulgarian scene.

"I did play at a HMSU event once before, and it was really awesome. The most diverse lineup I have been part of ever. Logistcs, DJ SS (who turned into MC SS later on) and Cooh. From liquid to total hardcore there was everything. And the crowd was amazing, it's very special that they can digest this large spectrum of DnB at one stage, and rave all night."

We can’t wait to see him and his label on Jan 23, along with all of the other artists from the massive lineup that HMSU has arranged for us, so stay tuned for further updates, and as Jade says:

„May the bass be with you!”


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