Viking Junglist Massive presents: Battlemix series

Viking Junglist Massive is a young DnB organization, based in the Scandinavia and Nordic countries. It was established earlier this year and aims to represent young artists from the region to the world. This year, Viking Jungle Massive took a part of Outlook Festival and represent 3 hours long entertaiment, including several DJs and MCs.

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Recently, the Nordic DnB organization starts a brand new project. It's called "Battlemix", including four Nordic DJs doing a mix together. Here is a short description about the activity:

The Battlemix series is a collaborative mix-concept where four DJs from four different Nordic countries contribute fifteen minutes each to create an hour long “back-to-back” mix. Each participant records their part and sends the mix to the next player who in turn adds fifteen minutes and so on. This first episode premiered on the legendary “Pirate Station” radio show on the russian Record Dance Radio. Featuring:

THISMEANSWAR! (NO, Dub Monkey Records, Subpub)
JNB (SE, Back2Back)
MUFFLER (FI, Spearhead Records, Hospital Records)

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