Rockwell - "Obsolete Meium LP" is out taday!!!

Today (27.11) is the release date of Rockwell's debut album. We had the opportunity to listen to most of the tracks on the 'Obsolete Medium LP', at it's launch last month in Bulgaria. On the 17th of October, the second Shogun Audio Night in Sofia was held. Featuring massive support from Bulgaria's leading DnB organization - HMSU, three label artists came to represent in Bulgaria: Spectrasoul, Technimatic and Rockwell. Sofia was one of the first locations, where the new album was presented.

That night part of our team made an interview with Rockwell. It was our first video interview ever. The artist answered our questions and although more than a month has passed we are still working on the montage. Strictly unprofessional. However, as we've mentioned before, and just as you can see in the website's description, we are "an amateur platform". Each and every one on the team is a sheer enthusiast, we all share a common passion for bass music and culture as a whole and choose to do what we do voluntarily. There are no professional writers or journalists or photographers on the crew and everyone in the team has engagements of their own. Of course, this shouldn't and doesn't excuse us. Whenever we work on something, we intend to finish it. And so we will, but not in time. Better later, than never ... maybe.

But hey... the album is ready. Today Shogun Audio release the 'Obsolete Medium LP'. It consits of 15 tracks. Guest artists in the release are Hyroglifics, Sam Binga, Breakage, Jams and Lauren L'Aimant. Yet another masterpiece, crafted by Rockwell. The album has an unorthodox sounding, different by everything released recently on the Drum and Bass scene. Besides DnB there are a lot of hip-hop and breakbeat influences found in the there. In the interview for our website, the artist revealed he finds influence in punk rock and metal to produce his stuff. This album is an absolute mixture of styles and genres and represents another artistic dimension in Rockwell’s rich discography.

In the weeks before the official release date of the 'Obsolete Medium LP', Rockwell made videos for most of the tracks. You can find them in the official Shogun Audio YouTube Channel:

You can purchase the album on 3 x Marbled Vinyl, CD and Digital via most of the biggest networks worldwide:

- Shogun Audio Store - Signed Vinyl
- Shogun Audio Store - Signed CD
- Beatport
- iTunes
- Spotify

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