[Q&A] Bredren: Maybe you’ll hear a few new tracks from us as well.

The Belgian trio is visiting Sofia on the 7th of November

Bredren's music reaches some of the darkest corners of DnB music. The Belgian triad always manages to engrave a gloomy, gruesome sounding in their tracks, which vary between Autonomic, Deep, Half-Step and Liquid DnB, as well as 140 bpm Dubstep. The fellowship of Lennik have had releases for various labels, featuring Dispatch Recordings, Proximity, Hospital, Demand Records, Flexout Audio and others. 

On the 7th of November, Bredren will visit Mixtape 5 (Sofia). The ones to blame are yet again, Future Sounds of Sofia, a fresh organization, focusing on Liquid and Deep DnB. During their visit the trio will be represented by two of its members - Dieter and Adrien. Bass Blog Bulgaria's team took advantage of their visitation and sent them a couple of questions. Find out what we managed to squeeze out of them before the forthcoming party in the following lines:

Future Sounds of Sofia:

FSS pres. Bredren @ Mixtape 5 (Article in Bulgarian)



Hey, Dieter and Adrien! For more than five years you've been part of the Bredren trio. What brought you together in the first place? What were your aims when you started everything?

Hi, all 3 of us have been dj’ing under other aliases. We’ve been teaming up since we wanted to start producing drum & bass together. Since the beginning we’ve been trying to develop a deep, minimal style.

Your music is a variety of many different DnB and Dubstep sub-genres. However, no matter what you do there is always the typical tinge of darkness. Where do you gain your inspirations from?

We get our inspiration from other genres like a lot of producers do. As Sebastien and Adrien have been producing and playing dubstep together under the name “Requake”, there is a big influence from that part. Also, we’ve been looking up to bigger artists such as Loxy, Skeptical, dBridge etc to develop our own style since day one.

The 7th of November will be your first time on stage in Sofia. What do you know of Bulgaria and the scene here? What are your expectations of the event?

Last year you guys had Amoss playing at your event if I’m not mistaking. They uploaded a video afterwards of them playing one of our tunes “Red Powder” and the crowd went totally nuts. In the video you can see that the venue was pretty nice and packed. We’re hoping to get the same vibe, that would be awesome.

What will you focus on at the event? How do you plan to surprise us?

We always try to bring enough variety in our set. So hopefully everyone is in for some deep halfsteppers, deep liquid stuff, dark and minimal rollers and so on and so on… Maybe you’ll hear a few new tracks from us as well.

What have you been working on lately? Any interesting forthcoming releases?

Last couple of months have been a bit more quiet than everage, probably because we released our first LP last year. Although we got some things going on such as a collab on Philth’s new EP on Dispatch, a very special vinyl release on Fokuz and last but not least, we’re working on a new 4 track EP for Flexout. So there are a few releases coming out in 2016 – keep it locked.

Please, ask yourself something. Something important, yet never on the agenda.

What is the main goal of Bredren?

To be honest we are just 3 friends having fun in the studio and on stage. We are amateurs like a lot of artists in the scene. In general there is not much time to get in the studio as all 3 of us have their own studies or jobs. We get together not because we need to but just because we can. There’s no need to make it to the top of the scene, cause that’s not our goal. All we’re doing is pushing the sound and sharing it with everybody who loves it. We absolutely love it to get the chance to play in our own country or abroad and meet so many people. That being said: thank you for inviting us Sofia crew!

Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers!

To all those reaching out to the event: hopefully see you there and have a great time with us! To those ain’t reaching: hope you had a great read! You can follow us on Facebook: BredrenDnb and Soundcloud: bredrenbe.


If you wish to be part of the next bash with Bredren, the place to be is club MIXTAPE 5, Sofia, Bulgaria. The launch is set for 23:00 this Saturday (07.11). Entry fee: 10 BGN (approx. 5 /4 £)

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