[Q&A] Roklo: The main key is picking the right artists

Mayan Audio is one of the new labels in the British scene. Just established in 2014, it was not long before it quickly became a well distinguished brand amongst the fans, serving high-grade tracks and releases. The label's artists are rapidly gaining popularity while their acts across the UK and Europe are getting more and more frequent.

In order to find out what's the secret behind Mayan Audio's success we sent an interview invitation to one of the label's founders - Roklo. We questioned him about the development of Mayan Audio so far and the future laying before the project. We couldn't help to ask him about his personal career as Roklo has also been enjoying the growing attention towards him for the past months. In the following lines you will be able to read the full interview and get to know some of the up-and-coming names in the British DnB scene.




Hey, Tony! You are a newcomer in the British DnB scene. For how long have you been dealing with DnB?

I've been involved into drum and bass since the age of 15 so 2002, I remember buying my first set of decks at that age and being made to get rid of them due to annoying the neighbours with the system I had the decks ridge upto (in those days a huge set of jamos) so my dnb career was nearly over before it even began, luckily I rebelled and got a new set of turntables and keep on going.

My journey has been a natural progression from learning to DJ, starting to produce then launching Mayan Audio. The label has given me real focus and direction, a job isn't a job when it's doing something you love.

A year ago you established the label Mayan Audio. What type of artists are you trying to pull in (old and established artists or new talents)? What type of sound will you be promoting? Do you have anything particular in mind?

The labels foundations and ethos will always be about new fresh exciting talent and establishing them as credited producers/artists, we are always we are always looking to add to the expanding family wether it be new or established artists.

Every producer on Mayan has their own particular style/blend that they bring to the label and variety is what we are all about. I wouldn't class us as a 'neuro' label or a 'liquid' label, Drum and bass is so exiting right now so many different styles, to encompass a range of artists under one roof is what we are about. The main key is picking the right artists , producers that are not just known for the style they produce but being able push the boundaries in their production and not be afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone!

A little while back, (on the 12th of September) you celebrated a year of Mayan Audio with a big bash in London. Who took part in the event? Were there any special guests?

Yes it was a very special event for Mayan Audio as it marked out first event In London and a great celebrate what has been an exciting year. 

On the line up was our Mayan artists like Kritix, myself (Roklo), Traced, Trimer and some new faces that have forthcoming releases on Mayan like Benny l and Intraspekt. On the night our special guest was Six Blade (Mike & Jack) it was a pleasure for them guys to headline our first ever label night!

During this summer, for a second consecutive year, you participated in the Let it Roll Official After-party. What are your impressions of the after-party and the festival as a whole?

Iam very honoured to have been a part of both Afterparty events this year, the Czech crowd are always up for the occasion and absolutely go crazy for drum and bass, I feel like I've found a city that very much feels like a second home in Prague! 

Let It Roll are achieving wonderfull things for drum and bass and are making history, all of the guys that run Let It Roll are good friends and have been very welcoming and suportive of what Mayan Audio represents. I have a massive respect for what the guys are doing for the whole scene. This years Let It Roll Summer open air was incredible, the atmosphere was electric and to see such a vast crowd all their to celebrate and unite as one was a special moment for dnb!

You are Mc Coppa’s official Live act Dj / Selector. How was this partnership established?

I've known Coppa for about two years now, we hooked up through the powers of the universe coming together to make a Dj Mc combination of the decade lol, on a serious note it came about through Coppa needing a live show Dj and I was honoured to be the guy he asked has entrusted to do the job justice!

I'm excited to be part of he's live project, as a dj/producer being able to play out infront of any crowd is what I love doing but doing various projects keeps me on my toes! It's fun working with Coppa we gel well as a team, our work rate is similar (we never stop lol). Coppa is undoubtedly in my opinion the best mc in the game and it is a privalidge to be he's live show dj!

How many times have you and COPPA been on stage together? Have you made tracks together?

On the 12th of September for our Mayan Audio event was the first time we have ever performed live together on stage and it was a great way to kick off proceedings.

A few weeks back (28.08) the sixth Mayan Audio release officially came out, courtesy of Kritix. Tell us more on the release.

Kritix keep coming with release after release and get better Everytime. Alex and Phil have been at the epicentre of the label since the beginning and will be known for building the foundations of the labels sound and history! This release from Kritix was all about showing how diverse they are as producers, a lot of people were shocked by what they heard but pleasantly surprised!

The four track "All of me ep" is just the beginning of what is going to be an long elustrious journey for these guys. 

What's next on Mayan Audio?

Finishing the year we have two or three more singles coming from our latest exclusive singing Recs, Tuff Touch and Kritix. Next year we are kicking off January with a bang in the form of a Mayan Audio 2016 LP!

What are your expectations of the label's growth for the future? Have you set yourself any goals you'd like to achieve as a label?

My self and Co label manager (Gary Wilson) put our heart and soul into Mayan Audio and we are building this label from the grass roots up with unknown producers and we hope that the label grows from strength to strength along side the producers that will be synonymous with the label.

Yes my goals generally are over ambitious but my motto is 'nothing is impossible' you have to shoot for the stars or nothing will happen! We have some targets for the second year of Mayan and putting out consistent quality Dnb is number 1 but also pushing our artists to the forefront of the scene.

Establishing Mayan as a creditable label is another main goal, I would like to think we have come along way in the year we have been launched but the hard work and determination will not fade as we look to build on what's has already been achieved.

What are you working on at the moment? Are you preparing any new tracks or collaborations?

Just recently I've been able to get back into the studio and put some serious hours in, I am working on a few projects but my main target is getting my first solo single ready!

I have a track forthcoming track on the Mayan Audio LP due out in January I'm excited about this track it's been a nightmare to mix down but it's nearly ready, also I'm working on a bootleg that I will be testing out in upcoming events I'm playing at.

Where will your fans be able to hear you in the following weeks?

On the 9th of October I will be in Brugge belguim for badhabitz at factor, it's my first time in Belguim I'm hyped, also nov 14th il be playing at Fire London for regression sessions and then 27th of novemeber all the crew are heading to Storm club [in Prague, ran by Let it Roll Festival promoters] for our first label night abroad with Brookes Brothers headlining the event!

Thank u to everyone that supports Mayan Audio and our movement! Don't forget to head over to our fb and twitter pages to keep upto date with all happenings and big up for all being apart of such an incredible scene - dnb!!!


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