Bass Blog Mix #27: Interview with Greywan (XK) - Helloween Edition

Our Bass Blog Mix section was started at the beginning of December 2014. Ever since then we've uploaded as much as 27 sets. Despite that Dubstep has always been of big importance for our platform, the variety of such mixes here is scarce. What is more interesting, however, is that ever since we changed our name to Bass Blog Bulgaria we began receiving Dubstep sets, the first of which belonged to Brit Monkixx, the second one (this one) arrives from Kosovo.

Greywan is familiar amongst Dubstep fans in Bulgaria. This Kosovo artist, who is also a co-founder of Angry Youth, already has a number of events alongside Bulgarian artists behind his back. Few years ago Greywan's crew, together with Platform Music, invited Gantz in Priština. A couple of weeks ago he took part in an event featuring Commodo in Sofia. Days after the deafening event that shook Mixtape 5, the artist offered to record a set specially for Bass Blog Bulgaria.

Well, the second Dubstep set on our platform is now a fact! And by saying Dubstep, we mean 140 bpm Bass Music, as Greywan made sure to put a large portion of Grime on the side. Here's a tip: if you wish to experience these genres, up your speaker's (or sub-woorfers) low frequencies! There is no way you can feel all that bass through your earphones alone !

Enjoy listening! The set an be found at the bottom of the page, right bellow the interview, which is a good read, indeed.



Hey, Greywan! Introduce yourself with a couple of words! When did you get hooked on Dubstep? What was the thing that captured you?

Hello hi, my name is Lum and I co-run Angry Youth together with Zgjim. I got into dubstep around 2007 when the only alternative radio around here starting pushing the sound through the airwaves and some local parties. For me it seemed to do the trick because it struck that chord between a slow dystopian dance and heavy beats that you could listen at home to and headbang.

You are from Kosovo. How big are the Dubstep and Drum and Bass scenes there? How were they developed and do they continue to do so?

The dnb heads have been working since the beginning of 2000 on pushing the sound, inviting over artists such as Alix PerezSebadBridge, etc. I think an important moment for the scene was when the aforementioned radio brought Black Sun Empire to Prishtina around 2008-9. He played an extended set with quite a big chunk of dubstep in it. I myself was involved in bringing some important dubstep figures such as Joe Nice and Gantz. It is also important to mention that these parties wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our allies in the region, (s/o Platform Music), as well as some major local institutions (DokufestUrban.FMSpray Club, etc).

What kind of music do the youngsters listen to in Kosovo? What type of Bass parties are the most successful in terms of attendance? What type of artists visit Kosovo?

Statistically speaking hip hop/r&b and deep/tech-house are the kinda parties that tend to have the biggest turnouts. Bass-wise it should be dnb. I cannot say much about the “type” of artists but usually club managers tend to book big artists that everybody has heard of (SolomunUmekDMXBusta Rhymes, and so on).

You are part of Angry Youth. Fill us in on the organization. Do you promote Dubstep and 140 bpm Bass music only?

Angry Youth is a collective which is focused in building a new scene that will accommodate the new sounds and aesthetics of the next generations here in Kosovo. To be honest our focus was never dubstep per se but personally it is through that that I went on to discover grime, garage, jungle, dub – all the way to what we know as the “hardcore continuum” or UK Bass music. We came out with our debut compilation (free via our soundcloud) this year and have a couple more releases lined up. The focus right now is on the experimental/instrumental side of grime/club tracks from all over the globe, which are hugely influenced by the internet, a self-questioning type of consciousness and the infinite desire to rave.

You were recently in Bulgaria. You played right after Commodo. What were your impressions of the party?

The party was great! Bigup Owlie for putting it all together, Commodo’s set was packed with banging classics and fresh exclusives which hinted at to where the sound of 140bpm is going at the moment, covering hip hop, dubstep and grime.

Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers!

To the readers: read more!


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