Bass Blog Mix #25: Interview with Creeping Ruin (SRB)

"Music is the thing which describes me the most infact." - Rcallz

Bass Blog Mix # 25 is here, made by Creeping Ruin. The Serbian duo become quite popular in Bulgaria after Rcallz's set at Broken Balkanz this summer. The two youths from Novi Sad even prepared a release for a Bulgarian DnB label. Besides on the Balkans, Creeping Ruin are becoming more and more popular across Europe as well. Their raw style of mixing is really liked by fans and their Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles gain followers every day.

To represent his project to the readers, we've sent a few questions to one of the members of the duo - Rcallz. His answers can be read in the following lines. Besides the brief interview, the two members of the Creeping Ruin recorded a brand new freestyle mix, specifically for Bass Blog Bulgaria. You can check the skills of the fast growing project by following these links:

- Facebook
- Soundcloud
- Mixcloud




Hello, Danilo! Tell us who you are in a couple of words. How long have you been dealing with DnB? What do you like the most about this music?

Hello guys!I'm 20 years old. I live in Novi Sad,Serbia. I love many types of music from jazz,soul,funk,punk,hardcore to house,garage,dubstep & drum n bass.
Music is the thing which describes me the most infact.

I've been dealing with drum and bass music for a few years now already. I grew up here, in Novi Sad, Serbia surrounded with hardcore/punk parties, because i'm a drummer in first place than i discovered drum n bass / dubstep parties, back in 2011 or something like that when I discovered Benny Page,Pendulum,Corrupt Souls and everything in beetween. Then i decided that I would love to be a dj to.

As first thing I love the sounds of drum and bass. The thing I like the most about this music is community, cause everyone is always together innit. This music has specific crowd which is following every step of their favorite artist and everything happening on the scene.

You are part of the Creeping Ruin project which has witnessed great success over the last couple of years. When was it started? Who are you and what brought you together?

It was started last year. Last year for a new year's eve infact. We were friends for some time already then, and we decided that it would be wicked for us to become a duo. We had same style of music, we loved the same style of mixing and that is pretty much what brought us together.

Our first gig together ,with two of us sharing a stage was with Jae Overtech & MC Coppa and hosts Drop Sensei crew, our very good friends and best supporters of our project.

Your sets are quite dynamic and raw, rich in double drops. What type of tunes do you like to include in your mixes? What tempo do you prefer?

I'm trying to include mostly heavy stuff. Mostly neurofunk & minimalfunk and some kind of jumpup mixed with a bit of everything else. Doesn't metter if it is new or old, if it's good for me I'll put it in. I Prefer faster tempo tahn usual. Our sets are fast,tempo is 180 bpm and that is Creeping Ruin style.

Apart from mixing you also produce. When will we be able to hear new stuff from you?

You will be able to hear a new stuff from me within few months from now. Guys from Sofia,Bulgaria are releasing two tunes from Creeping Ruin. I can not speak much about that, let the time show it! Hahahah :DDD

What tracks did you choose for the set?

We never choose tracks to be honest. We are always doing it "freestyle" infact, but you can expect loads of new stuff and some dubplates, with the taste of some old techstep/neurofunk bangers! smile emoticon

Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers!

Guys, continue listening to this music. Keep it real and support all the drum and bass dj's/producers! I can not tell you much about upcoming bigger shows,but i can tell you that you will be able to listen to us at least two times in Sofia, next year.

Thanks for interview, biiiiiiigups guys! Ez. :D


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