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Taztical is among some of the most renown artists in the Dubstep scene. With releases for Indigo Movement and Signals already behind his back, we will soon be able to hear his forthcoming single for FatKidOnFire. Taztical has a unique style, incorporating his Greek roots, his music is full of ethnic motives. The tracks that he makes have thick and deep basslines, typical for Dubstep music. His work is easily distinguished and well-accepted. Taztical’s fans are constantly increasing in numbers and so does his popularity.

It was a couple of months ago when we first came across his music and decided to make an interview with him. The answers are now in and you can read all about it in the following few lines.



Bass Blog [BB]: Hallo, Taztical! Introduce yourself in a few words.

Taztical [T]: 
Hey...my name is Anastasios, i´m from Greece but living in Germany and yap...i love sound.

BB: When did you start producing Dubstep? What got you started? What inspires you to make music? Which artists were your favorites in the beginning?

T: I started about 2011 with dubstep (if you could call it dubstep...haha). I do a lot of turntablizm (scratching, beatjuggling, drumcutting) and around 2010 a good friend (Mr. Dust) came up with some 140 beats. We have worked extremely on these beats and this was something different. At some point i asked myself if there are tracks in that style. HipHop and turntablizm was and still is my inspiration. In the beginning i heard a lot of Bar9, 16Bit, Caspa, Skream, Benga, Rusko. Then I heard a mix of Caspa where a Loefah song was played. That was a turning point, it totally changed my focus in producing. 

BB: You use a lot of ethnic motives in your tracks. Why did you choose this approach of producing?

T: The regions are distributed where i use. I grew up with theses sounds since my parents listen a lot to Greek music. They come from different areas in Greece and which have both very distinctive styles because they consist of different elements. I love the Greek sound (also the Turkish, Arabic, Indian) and always wanted to mix it into my sound.

BB: You're from Greece. The Dubstep scene in the country is pretty well developed. You have many artists like Camelorg, Disphonia and many more. Have you shared a stage with some of them? With which of them would you like to do a collaboration?

T: I´ve never played with a greek artist at the same stage. If i could choose, it would be Duckem, Bluez and Jeph 1. Greetings to those guys.

BB: Currently you are living in Germany. How does this affect your career? Do you play at many events in the country? How does the German audience feel and perceive your, full of many Balkan samples, tracks?

T: I was born in Germany. It feels like my second home (although current events change my attitude but let´s not get political here)...does not matter to me. I seldom play at parties. There are two parties where i play. Greetings to Penelope and the Royal Beat Club. In Dortmund, where I currently live, everything is dead except our hiphop, techno and drum´n bass scene. And so far, the response has been good.

BB: Recently you made a release for Indigo Movement. Are you working on some new releases?

T: First I want to thank Indigo Movement for this. I especially want to thank J.Nice and Andrew (AxH) (thanks mate for this amazing remix), who played the song Kiriaki which drew so much attention in the scene to my sounds. Currently, there is nothing planned, but this can change in a day. It always depends on my moods and inspiration.

BB: Your dub plate was declared as a prize in a remix contest of FatKidOnFire. The tracks in the vinyl are quite amazing. Are "Misos"/"Parados" (Fill Spectre remix) released? How can the fans purchase them?

T: Thanks for your kind words, man. I appreciate it. BigUp FatKidOnFire and huge BigUp to Fill Spectre. I´m so happy to have met this dude. He is a top producer – and a great person, too. Concerning the release: Information are still to come, but I´ll keep you informed.

BB: Here, in Bulgaria, we have a small, but very strong Dubstep scene. Do you know about some Bulgarian Dubstep artists?

T: Honestly, I do not know any Bulgarian artists. But the dubstep scene is still spreading, I´m sure there are awesome talents with a very distinctive sound in your country. I´d be happy to hear some of your sounds.

BB: Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers!

T: The pleasure is mine! And BigUp yourself! Thank you for inviting me for an interview. Thanks a lot to everyone who supports me.


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