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Rido is a true legend in the Drum and Bass scene. He was born in Prague, however, in 2004 he moved to Sidney where he studied sound engineering. After his return to the Czech Republic he began to work upon his own music and grew into one of the most famous and respected artists from Central Europe. Looking at his discography you can find releases for Metalheadz, Blackout, Viper, Virus, Hospital and others. His tunes include a wide range of different DnB sub-genres and are of various kind. During this summer Rido participated in the biggest DnB festival on Earth - Let it Roll. He was part of the Blackout Label Night which was held at the Factory Stage. Immediately after his set he agreed to give us an interview regarding his career and Let it Roll Summer. The abovementioned you can read in the lines below.



Bass Blog [BB]: Hello, Pavel! You are a representative of the Czech DnB scene, which is one of the best-developed scenes in Europe. What do you think is the secret of a country to develop such a strong and unified musical culture?

Rido [R]: 
Thats hard to say to be honest. I guess part of it is a luck and second part is that people wanted to go out and that there were good parties with interesting artists.

BB: You are among the most popular artists in the Czech Republic. You have releases for Metalheadz, Hospital, Viper, Citrus, Blackout and many more. How difficult was it for you to reach this success? How long did it take until the major labels noticed your powerful style?

R: It took me quite a while, because when I started the dnb scene (worldwide) was totaly different then today. Especially to break into the Uk wasn´t easy at all.
But I always loved the music so I kept trying until things started to open up for me and my music.

BB: What kind of artist was Rido at the beginning of his career, when he was not a yet part of the big music scene? When did you start with DnB? Which was your first organization?

R: I was just a kid who wanted to make that crazy music called dnb. I was totaly in love with sythesizers and wanted to be part of it. I always wanted to make the music and not only to deejay. I had a little crew back in the days with my friends called Js-crew. We were makeing tunes and did few parties and I even started a label called Js recordings where I released two vinyls.:)

BB: You're an artist with many faces. You are able to mix and produce different DnB sub-genres. What kind of DnB do you like the most and which sub-genre is the closest to your music preferences?

R: As you said I love a lot of different things. Mostly I love melody and big epic stuff as well as deep minimimal dynamic tunes. One thing that they have in common is the energy. It needs to have a good energy.

BB: What are you working on now? Can we expect new tracks or releases from Rido soon?

R: I am working on some new bits. There soon should be a track out called „Barking“ on Australian label called Plasma Audio. And then we ll see :)

BB: You have been a part of the DnB scene for many years, yet you still don't have a debut album. Have you ever thought of making one?

R: Of course I would love to make an album. But it takes a lot of time and thats mostly my problam. I hope I'll be able to find more free time in the future to make this happend. Fingers crossed :)

BB: Over the years you've worked with many artists from the Czech Republic and Europe. Which collaboration of yours is the most memorable? Is there anyone you work with particularly easily?

R: I enjoyed all of the collabs that I have done. It was always lots of fun. So its hard to pick only one.

BB: You have participated at many events and festivals. Do you remember any interesting accidents that happened during your live set?

R: Hm not really to be honest. I tend to concentrate on the music :)

BB: This year you were part of Let It Roll's summer issue. You played early during the Blackout Label Night at the Factory Stage. What impressed you the most at the festival?

R: I have to say that I was impressed by the amount of people that came to enjoy drum and bass. That is trully unique. And Let it roll guys did a great job I think.

BB: Your set was one of the best among the Czechs'. You succeeded Phillip TBC and No Money who played before you, before that we were able to hear HDS who opened the stage properly. Do you think, that it would be a good idea for the Let it Roll crew to organize a special stage for the better-known Czech artists?

R: That is a interesting question. I always thought that there should be more support for local producers. But I always try to do my best and beleive that people will actually notice.  :)

BB: If there ever is a stage of such kind at Let It Roll, which artists would invite to play? Who are the strongest Czech artists at the moment, according to you?

R: Well I dont really think a lot about these things. I am concentrating on things I can control. Regarding the Czech artist at the moment that I feel I would say Qo, A-cray, Computerartist.

BB: Were you able to hear your colleagues' performances? Which sets impressed you the most?

R: I didn´t hear all of them, but at the Blackout stage I really enjoyed Phace.

BB: During such festivals, the artists always have interesting conversations about collaborations and common projects. Have you made some negotiations about such collaborations?

R: Hehe this time I did not. I just wanted to relax, beause I was really busy whole summer before the festival. So most of the time we spoke about other stuff then making music.

BB: Now that Let It Roll Summer is behind us. What's next in your program? Some big festivals or events,or maybe hard work in the studio? A well deserved vacation, maybe?

R: I ll have some b2b gigs with my friend Mefjus that I am looking forward to. And some Blackout shows with the whole crew that should be fun. And as well I am looking forward to spend some more time in the studio in September.

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BB: Thanks about your time, Pavel! Wish something the readers!

R: Well I wish all the readers possitive thoughts and lots of great moments full of music, joy and what ever makes them happy in their lives.


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