Hallucinator: 'We are always experimenting something new'

They raised their middle fingers and said, "Fuck the System"! They are Hallucinator. The mighty italian duo was founded in 2007 and it has already left its mark on the Hard Bass scene. In their typical style, influenced by the metal music, Hallucinator has created a large number of emblematic tracks and EPs. Now the duo works on their debut album, which is going to be released by Yellow Stripe in the beginning of September.

Sygo and Nk agreed to give an interview for Bass Blog Bulgaria. The questions will be related to their common project and the events surrounding it, including an information about the new album 'The New World Disorder'. Enjoy the reading!



Bass Blog [B]: Hello! Tell us a bit more about the project Hallucinator! When was it created? What brought you both together? What were your goals at the beginning?

Hallucinator [H]: The project started in 2007 with the encounter of three north italian producers. Only one of the original former members (Nk) is part of the actual lineup. The other two left for personal reasons and also to push their own solo projects. Simone joined in 2010 and we soon found the perfect match for creating the type of sound we were after.
At the beginning we just wanted to say our thing in a panorama where almost everything was already been said. It wasn't easy to "sing outside the choir" but eventually our efforts have been recognized.

B: In a short period of several years Hallucinator became one of the leading names in the Hard Bass scene. Did you expect this success when you created the project?

H: You never know where your ideas and efforts will take you. We definitely believed in our potential but surely could never expect it to become the way it is now.

B: What were Nk and Sygo before Hallucinator?

H: Nk is just a psychopath with high masochistic-depressive tendencies. Comes useful with creating stuff since is so fuckin out of it...
Sygo was part of S.M.O.K.E, quite well know dnb project back in the days, with releases on Formation and Charge.

B: You are from Italy. Tell us a bit more about the scene there. What kind of people go to DnB parties? What kind of DnB they listen to? How many people gather in clubs during the big events?

H: Any kind really, and age sometimes can vary from 16 to over 45...
Not many promoters are pushing it forward. The most people we've seen in a party is about 2500. Soundwise it can vary from liquid to neurofunk. Crossbreed and hard/ dark stuff are still quite unkown ones..

B: You have a unique style called Drill & Thrill, a great mixture of Death Metal and Industrial. How this style was born? What influenced you to create it?

H: We are both coming from bands and were musicians who played quite a few instruments (guitar, bass, drums etc..) did gigs and recorded demos way before becoming producers.
Roots are hard to forget, so tried to keep the "band vibe" influence in our music.
And guess all the bands we were into (won't list them coz they'll be too many) were the biggest influence of all.

B: From where do you get an inspiration for your work?

H: Mainly from moods I'd guess. We start almost of our projects separately to then rework them together in the studio. But inspiration can really come from anything. As a thought that comes to your head same goes for an idea for a new track.

B: What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

H: The moment we created the bass for Kill Them All. It was a kinda lucky unpredictable combination of plugins that created that distictive sound. We immediately knew we had something really cool going on.

B: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

H: 3 - Quanno ‘o mellóne esce russo, ognuno ne vo’ ‘na fèlla (when something is achieved, everyone wants to be part of it)

B: You both have been a part of a big number of events and festivals. You both know how to influence the public with your music and the crowd in front of you always falls into ecstasy. Tell us one of the craziest stories, that happened during your live performance.

H: During our set in Granada (Spain), some lady climbed up the stage and managed to bite (quite hard) Nk on a calf... Zombie fans!

B: You have releases for a large number of the biggest Hardcore DnB labels worldwide: PRSPCT, Yellow Stripe, Big Riddim and many more. The fans like your tracks. How the "All time Hallucinator Top 5" looks like, according to you?


1) Raise your middle finger
2) Kill them all
3) I am the Devil
4) Extinction
5) Inferno

B: Your last EP for Yellow Stripe reached a huge success. You raised your middle fingers and said "Fuck the System". All the four tracks are absolute bangers. Is this the most powerful face of Hallucinator or we can expect more?

H: We are always experimenting something new. The "more or less" dwells in the listener's taste.

B: Currently you are working on your debut album 'The new World Disorder' for Yellow Stripe Recordings. Why it took so much time for you, to make a decision to create your first LP?

H: We're just lazy motherfuckers.
Beside that, actually making an album is a long process, it needs dedication, inspiration and quite a lot of time, thing that lately is very hard to find.. Also didn't want to focus on a particular style so it was even more a challenge.

B: On which date the album is going to be released and how many tracks is expected to be put in it? Will be there there some LP samplers?

H: The cd should be out on September 14th. Vinyl sampler on September 1st. Then on digital at the end of the month. It'll include eleven tracks of which four collaborations.
Samplers are available for listening on Yellow Stripe's and our Soundcloud.

B: Which other DnB artists will participate as guests in the album?

H: Mc Coppa, Counterstrike, COOH and C-Netik.

B: Will be there some live Metal performances in the album, or you will create them in the studio?

H: Yes, one of them, which will also be the single's B side.

B: What comes after "The New World Disorder" LP? Have you got plans for new tracks and EPs or you are focused on the album only?

H: Working on a few new tracks, collaborations and got an EP coming out on PRSPCT but... Don't want to spoil the surprise!!

B: Let's talk a little about your masks. They are your trademark during your live performances. Why did you decide to hide your faces, when you're behind the decks?

H: The first idea came because Nk was the only dj and didn't want the crowd to identify his face as Hallucinator since, at the time, was a project formed by three.
But after a while people were coming masked when we were playing and we understood that they were identifying more with the music instead then with the faces.

B: What symbolize these masks? What is their meaning, according to you?

H: As aforementioned, they symbolize our music which we want our fans to identify with, and not with our faces.

B: Are the masks doing some troubles for you, when you're on the stage? How difficult is it to play with a mask?

H: Well it is quite, expecially in the heat!

B: Do you know some of the Bulgarian DnB artists and with whom of they would you like to do a collaboration?

H: Been knowing Ivan (COOH) for quite a while which also remixed a track of ours (Suicide). Our album will also include a collaboration with him.

B: Thanks about your time! Wish something to the readers!

H: Death will set us free.


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