Route 1 Audio: Monkixx (Mix & Interview)

Route 1 Audio is a British organization representing Underground Bass Music in London. The team regularly organizes events in the British capital. Besides as a party night, Route 1 Audio works as a Record Label and Blog, too. The artists in the organization regulary participate in many big events and activities, including GetDarkerTV, and host their own show on Bassport.FM (Alternate Mondays 6-7pm GMT and Sundays on Mode FM 5-7pm GMT).

More information about the Route 1 Audio we can receive from the bossman of the organization Monkixx, who answered our questions in a brief interview. Moreover, the British artist created a set of Bass Blog Bulgaria, which you can find at the end of the publication.

British Underground Bass music genres are poorly represented in Bulgaria. Organizations like Mirizma and Platform try to keep the Dubstep music on a worldwide level, but styles like Grime, UKG, UK Hip-Hop are completely unknown to the Bulgarian audience. We hope our future colaboration with Route 1 Audio will open the eyes of the fans in Bulgaria for new horizons of Bass music, that are advanced in the homeland of modern Bass - UK.

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Interview with Monkixx

Bass Blog [BB]: Hi, Monkixx! Please, introduce yourself in a few words.

Monkixx [M]: Hey, I am a Multi-Genre Bass Producer, DJ and Record Label owner from London, UK. Grew up in Essex/East London. At 13 years old I really got in to the UK Garage scene and practised Djing round a friends until at 15 I got my first set of Turntables. I then went in to producing around 17. My music tastes varied out to Grime, then on to Dub and Dubstep. Fast forward to now and I love all types of Bass Orientated music, and the label [Route 1 Audio] hopefully shows that.

BB: You are a member of Route 1 Audio - London-based Bass-Music organization and Record Label. Tell us more about this crew. When was the organization created? How many people are within it?

M: It was created by myself and my good friend Kieran [RNDM]. We decided that we needed to push ourselves more and create our own movement rather than wait on others. We set up Route 1 Audio initially as a blog, but by November 2013 we had a digital distribution deal in place and in January 2014 we released our first release [Tired EP]. We have a lot of core artists on our label, a great team including Kiite, Bigseuf, Francis Shaw, Tiger WidowGalactic Steppa and more. Our team is growing and we now put on regular events within London. Every member of our team brings something different to the table, a different style, a different genre and a different view on the production and Djing. We believe in our team alot and to help them progress.

BB: What kind of bass-music you are representing? Which genres and sub-genres you are promote?

We call ourselves a ‘multi-genre Bass label’.  We basically will work with anything Bass Orientated that we like, we aren’t doing this for massive sales [even though this would be great] and purely money, we do this to push the music we love and hopefully spread the Route 1 sound and get more and more people hearing what we love. Me and Kieran both have a love for all types of Bass music from Garage, Grime, Dubstep, to DnB, Jungle, Juke, Footwork and back again. So we push really everything that we like. We are putting out our 2nd compilation album later this year [Volume 2] and this will cover a range of Genres, so it really shows off what we are about.

BB: You are a part of the London Underground. Which music styles are preffered by the youth in UK? What music they like the most?

The youth of the UK are a weird one to crack. You have the underground youth who stick to what they love through thick or thin. These are your die hard fans that turn up to every event and listen to every track you post, and then you have the Youth that are like Sheep. They follow anything thats big at the moment. A few years ago the ‘Brostep’ genre was heavily followed by the youth, then it went to the ‘Deep House’ craze and now they are following Grime [Mainly Skepta]. The underground youth are more our target, the music that doesn’t hit the mainstream Radio Stations. They like the original Grime, Dubstep, Breaks and Garage.

BB: You are Dubstep artist. It seems like this style is not among the favorite in some countries. According to you, why is the Dubstep so difficult to understand?

 I think the Dubstep that was portrayed in the mainstream, for example the Skrillex’s, etc... Is a very different type of Dubstep to the roots of London. This form of Dubstep is very uncomfortable to the ears at high volume to alot of people. The high end synths and screams aren’t to everyones taste. I think if countries around the world listened more to the underground Dubstep and the original Dubstep from London, UK, then the views would be very different. The underground dubstep concentrates more towards lower frequencies, taking a lot of influences from Dub, 2step garage and grime to give more of that underground bass heavy feel.

BB: Which are your favorite artists? What music genres do you prefer, besides Dubstep?

As I mentioned earlier, I listen and love a wide variety of Bass orientated music. I love sound-design, foley and ambient music along with bass heavy Dubstep and Grime. I have a mixture of favourite artists. Obviously all the Route 1 Audio lot are up there, as I believe in them massively. I also love Joker, Asa & SorrowSwindle, James Blake, Benga, Truth, Kakapo the list could go on and on.

BB: Now Route 1 Music is released 10 EPs. Do you think about #11? When will be it released? Which artist is going to produce the tracks?

We do have ROA011 and ROA012 in the pipeline and previews have just gone  live. We have my release actually for #11. It is Monkixx Orient Ale and #12 is Monkixx Orient Ale Remix EP. We have lots of great remixes for this track, so much infact, that we have released a seperate Remix EP. These are coming out very soon, the release dates will be 21st Sept and 19th Oct.

BB: Route 1 Audio is a part of Outlook Sound System Culture Conference. Will you or some other artist from the crew play at the Festival?

We would have loved to play, and still would. Unfortunately we are not, we are there just to network, enjoy the Sound System Culture Conference, the Knowledge Area and the Festival.

BB: About the mix you are made: what kind of tracks you are put in it?

M: In the mix are alot of Route 1 Audio releases and from our artists along with a bit of my own productions and also tracks that I personally am feeling at the moment. Its a wide variety of Bass Music in one mix ranging from Future Bass, Grime, Dubstep and Chillout so sit back and enjoy!

BB: Thanks about the set, mate! Wish something the readers!

M: Massive thanks for the interview and letting me do a guest mix for you. I hope I have given you an insite to Route 1 Audio and the type of music we are pushing and hopefully it will allow more people to branch out and listen to this type of music within Bulgaria and the rest of Europe. If you ever want reach out or get in touch for a chat then please get in touch with us on all of our socials below. We love talking to like minded people. Thanks again!

Monkixx // Route 1 Audio

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This is the first Dubstep Mix, we are publishing so far. Also, this is the first mix, published by Bass Blog Bulgaria with this name (the previous was Bass Blog /by DutZie/, but we deceided to change it). And, this is the first mix, created by non-Bulgarian artist :)

The next two sets in the rubric are going to be created by Bulgarian newcommer artists, representing different sub-genres in Drum and Bass Music. Bass Blog Bulgaria Mix series (BBBGMIX) are returning for the autumn! Stay tuned!
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