Let it Roll Open Air 2015 - Bigger than ever

Between the 30th of July and the 2nd of August а small part of our team was in the Czech Republic, to become part of the world's biggest DnB festival. The eighth edition of Let It Roll was visited by a record number of fans and presented a record number of artists. Within three days at Milovice Airfield, the world's Drum and Bass elite showed all the beauties of this musical genre and the extension of the event with an Official Afterparty at Storm Club in Prague was logical. But what actually happened?

We are a small platform, with a small team. We can dream big, but we can not think big. We have no idea how many tons of equipment were needed to build the scenes. We can not calculate how many km of fences were needed to separate the zones. We are not capable to count all the people, who have worked to make the festival happen. We only saw the end result of their efforts. But Let It Roll can think big.

Even more, the Let it Roll team knows how to make things big! Last year in Benesov the largest edition of Let It Roll Open Air was held. More than 15 000 visitors witnessed the massive event. This year the organizers received the chance for a new start at a new location. The city of Benesov was an option no more. The extensive area of the Milovice Airfield gave the LiR Crew a place, full of new opportunities and no limitations. Let It Roll Open Air 2015 was revived greater than ever.

In 2015, the Let it Roll family built their new Ark, which had a mission to transport their creation to the new horizons. For the first time this year the festival was held in three consecutive days. On the territory of the Milovice Airfield,10 scenes with a unique design were built. More than 220 artists presented the best of themselves, and more than 20 000 fans saw the new beginning of Let It Roll Open Air. Six of the world's most famous labels presented their new products and their best artists, while the smaller stages also presented interesting things to see and hear.


Main Stage - This year the stage presented the apex of DnB Culture. In a two-day period (there was no stage program on Thursday), about 20 of the world's biggest artists and several local DJs and producers showed their power behind the decks. At the Main Stage we were able to hear artists such as Noisia, Spor, Hybrid Minds, Friction, Wilkinson, Audio, High Contrast, The Prototypes and many more. A lot of a new tracks were played for the first time and the crowd was driven crazy with the world's greatest hits. Etherwood and Changin Faces were the local artists, who opened the stage, but the closing was duty of the LiR Manager Suki and one of the best Czech artists at the moment  - A-Cray.

This year the stage presented stunning visuals, lasers, pyrotechnics and many emotions. During the opening shows, the stage became alive and showed things, which could hardly be described with words. The fireworks and the visual effects made the night look bright like a sunny day.


Factory Stage - This was the second open air stage at the festival. During the three nights, the Factory was a home for heavy neurofunk labels Eatbrain and Blackout as well as the British Playaz Collective. Budapest-based Eatbrain were represented by their boss Jade, the heavy MC Coppa (in a live act with Akira), Mindscape, Telekinesis, Maztek, Optiv & BTK, Bulgarian freak L 33, plus local heroes Qo & Computerartists, Simplex, Dexide and Snookey.

The Blackout Label Night started with crazy sessions by the Czechs HDS, Phillip TBC, No Money, followed by Rido, Pythius, Phace, label owners BSE, State of Mind, Misnthrop and Neonlight. The local (and South African) Hard Bass duo Counterstrike closed the program alongside the sunrise. On Saturday, Playaz presented a lot of Jungle and Jump Up tracks. At the stage during their label night we were able to hear the old school masters Hype, Dillinja, Annix and Original Sin. Bifidus Aktif, Aka, Halbax, Thiew, Murdock and Diszast were the supporting DJs. The only artist on the line up, who was not at the Festival was Break, but the organizers quickly replaced him with Titan Records' owner A.M.C.


Madhouse - According to us, the most interesting things happened at this indoor stage. On Friday the British DnB professors from Metalheadz took over. The heavy label night included: the label owner Goldie, Dispathch owner and Headz manager Ant TC1, Exit Recordings manager dBridge, Lenzman, DLR, Ulterior Motive and SP:MC. On the next day, another British Label was in charge at the Madhouse. Critical Music were also represented by a heavy roster, including Kasra, Enei, Mefjus, Ivy Lab, Emperor. In saturday the British tendency was continued by Shogun Audio with Friction. Joe Ford, Rockwel, Spectrasoul, Technimatic, Icicle (Entropy Live w/ Skittles) and N:Force. Heavy BASS and astonishing pyrotechnics three days long. During the warm hours of the days, very interesting producing and mixing workshops, as well as a DnB Step contest, were organized at this stage.


Underworld - Actually it was not a stage, but an area with three stages: Warehouse, Laboratory and Shredder. This was where we heard many different tunes and genres (incl., sub-genres) to the three bigger stages. The techno organization Slojsice had two days at the Laboratory (Thursday and Friday), while the third night at this stage was purely Hardcore (Prague Nightmare Night). The Warehouse was where, during the first two nights,many local artists were given the chance to represent their country. Later on Saturday the stage was occupied by the LiR Family. At the Shredder we were given the opportunity to hear a big diversity of DnB sub-genres: Jungle on Friday (Bass Beast), Neuro & Hard on Saturday (Rough Tempo) and our favorite Hard Bass night at the place -  Kinetik vs Big Riddim with Beesu, Fragz, WPL and more.


The Bass Drop vs Chapeau Rouge stage took us on a three-night journey through the realms of  different Bass music- from the hardest genres, through Techno all the way to Dubstep and Trap. On Friday night there was a Hip-Hop/Grime show with several of the best rhyme artists in the Czech Republic. At Let it Roll, there were two more smaller stages at the Chillout Zone: Shanti Stage and Zero Point, which represented different musical genres such as Psy-trance and other chilling styles. At the Partyspot the fun was never-ending and many artists played at the stage in the area.


Besides a huge amount of DnB and varied music, Let It Roll kept their fans entertained during the day. On the Madhouse stage two workshops for younger artists were organized- one for producers and and one for DJs. The DnB Step contest was also held there. The vast space of Milovice allowed for different activities such as driving a mini-tank, skateboarding, skimboarding, water balloon battle, table soccer, bumper football and many many more.

For the comfort of the visitors, the organizers provided drinkable water, showers and clean WCs. There were also firemen and medics, which were responsible for the well-being of the fans 24/7. This was one of the few festivals, that managed to cope with litter so well. That was due to the many plastic bags, the refundable 0.5 cups system and the non-stop work by the cleaning personal. In the camp zone the visitors can choose between 3 24/7 working bars. There was a bar near every stage. At the merchandise zone everyone was able to buy interesting clothes and souvenirs from the LiR official shop as well as other shops. Well cooked food was also served, so nobody was left out hungry. One of the best things about the spot was the ATM machine. 


Definitely Let It Roll Festival is an experience that every fan of DnB music should live through. Although this year's festival is already history, the memories of it will stay forever. And while we, the fans, will be wondering where to have fun next week, the LiR Crew does not have time for a break. Several hours after the crushing after-party at Storm Club, Prague, Suki, Beesu, Bifidus Aktif and their colleagues started the preparations for their next big event - Let It Roll Winter, which will take place in February. There is no need of rest, when you want to be the best!

It was a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to be a part of the big family of the medias which covered this event. Surely, we have made many mistakes in our work prior to Let It Roll Open Air 2015, but this was the first event of this rank our small platform had the chance to work for. For us, LiROA 2015 was a great experience. We learned a lot by working in the months before the festival and hope to learn more during our future collaborations with our friends from the Czech Republic. We send our thanks to all those who are "guilty" this event happened! Thank you! We hope to see you next year!

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