Facing the Othercide - Interview with NEKS

A few years ago, a new player appeared on the Hardcore DnB scene. The French-based label  Othercide Records  quickly became one of the most respected brands in the industry. Many leading Hard Bass artists signed with Othercide. Among the members of the label, we can see the names of COOH, Current Value, Gancher & Ruin, Machine Code, The Sect, Freqax, Sinnister Souls, Satan, Katharsys and others. With four strong releases behind their back, Othercide have a promising future ahead of them. The label is still young, but has the potential to grow.

A few months ago, Othercide had an event in Sofia with a very strong lineup. The crowd was happy to hear the sounds of  Ogonek, COOH, Neks, DJ Hidden, Freqax and Katharsys. This was the first event of such kind in a long time and there aren't  many similar events showing on the horizon either. However, Hard Bass fans in Bulgaria are numerous and events of this kind are always much appreciated.

During the event in 4km Party Center, our team managed to arrange an interview with the manager of Othercide Records. Neks agreed to answer our questions and give more information about his individual music project and his powerful label. In the next few lines you can read the entire interview. To your attention, here is the new podcast of the label, made by Homeboy:



Bass Blog [BB]: Hello, Maxime! You are the Othercide Recordings label-manager. When was this idea born? What made you create this label?

Neks [N]: The main idea has been growing up 2 years ago during some talks with Homeboy from Nekrolog1k, the constat was evident: no darkstep, hard dnb activity in France. So all started from that, with love and passion for drum and bass, and especially for the experimental and harder side of it, we started gathering ideas for the concept with him and Neverquiet...

BB: What does Othercide mean to you? What is the the purpose of the label?

N: We didn’t want only to spread music without any story behind it.. We wanted to drop something new, a proper concept.. You’ve got the new kind of story concept with the ruff sound following.. Check this : We live in a hopeless world, humanity failed, and we already told you that a long time ago that it was meant to happen... Now that you can face your errors, we are here to tell you the truth, we won’t forgive, and we will make you pay..  We will show you the Othercide.

BB: Big names like Current Value, Gancher & Ruin, Brainpain, Freqax, Bulgarians Ogonek and COOH doing releases for Othercide. How difficult is it to maintain a label with so many big names involved?

Making everyone happy is the real secret ;)

BB: Othercide also organizes a series of events. Recently you had a mini-tour of the Balkans (Bulgaria and Romania). Will Othercide be a regular participant in the season of the open air festivals or will you pay bigger attention to the indoor autumn season?

Not this year sadly, but we are already in contact with some organizations in order to spread our concept in Europe and South America for this year and the next one as well.

BB: You are a successful artist, too. You have many live appearances, where you show great skills behind the decks. How did you decide to start making scratches on Drum and Bass tracks? This technique seems to have remained forgotten back in the years.

Well, thanks firstly, i have been djing for 3 years now, i always wanted to blend the technical side of beat matching hip-hop with the harder side of drum and bass..  Just blend the technical side and presence of The DJ Producer on scene with the beat juggling of DJ Craze with the live storytelling of Amon Tobin on stage.. And you’ve got the result of what i want to do... I have been recently building a new setup for my next performances : 2XCDJ 2000 NXS, 1 DJM 900 NXS, 1XRMX 1000, 1XSL 1210 and 1XMaschine MK1. With that.. All my influences can be gathered, and i can show both my skills behind the decks and how i write the story..

BB: What kind of musical background do you have? Have you been engaged with  other musical styles before? What got you into Drum and Bass? Have you got other musical projects?

I come from the Hardcore Music, but i am a lot into Lo-fi Hip-Hop, Trap, IDM, Ambient as well as many other stuff.. Yeah i am still doing Hardcore tracks, in fact, there is one to be released with Cryogenic.

Drum and Bass is more technical to produce in my opinion, but please i didn’t say that Hardcore was easy.. When you see guys like N-Vitral, The Outside Agency or Sei2ure.. Those guys clearly define that skills can be found in any type of music.. But hey, compare the number of upcoming producers in dnb and those who are in Hardcore, there is just a whole planet between those worlds which separate them... So i find this scene quite more exciting for the moment, because when a release of Mefjus or either Billain or Current Value lands... This is a whole surprise in term of sound design, arrangement each time... And the mixdown is always tight there... Same goes for artists like DJ Hidden, Freqax, Cooh, Katharsys... They constantly push their own visions of hard drum and bass, and look at the result... They are crossbreeding between the genres, harder dnb artists are getting noticed even more by neurofunk labels....

BB: What goals do you set for yourself and for the label in the near future?

 Finally release what i have in stock, i am kind of a perfectionist, and this caused me to never release something except some collabs with Sinister Souls, Freqax and Brainpain, but i received good feedbacks from some guys like Current Value, Homeboy, Freqax, Sinister Souls... So it might be the time to prove that they are not wrong ;) Also, I am working on an EP for Nekrolog1k at the moment so that could be the right time and the right place to expose my solo tracks...

BB: What releases can we expect from Othercide Recordings? Freqax said, he's preparing EPs, Ogonek signed the "No Mercy" track. What else is coming? Can we hear your own track, released from Othercide, soon?

We already summed up this on a recent post on facebook. Check this post (all forthcoming releases)!

Interesting right ? ;)

BB: Is there an artist, who has quit his career, but you would like him to make a release for Otherside?

Yeah it might be time to say it... Lucio De Rimanez is definitely back in the game with a badass 2xCD album to be release before the end of the year..

BB: Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers!

This is just the beginning of a new era for the darkstep music guys, we have been working on  so many things that we can already tell you that this year.. Is ours ;)



- Neks on Facebook
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