Black Daniels with a new video "Gorilla Dub"

Black Daniels is out with his latest streetsingle ”Gorilla Dub”, which is to be found on his forthcoming EP ”Concrete Jungle” – expected to be out this fall. August 21st the video for ”Gorilla Dub” will be out. The video is made in collaboration, and supported by famous Danish production company Zentropa (Nymphomaniac, Antichrist & Melancholia).

The video describes a dark universe, where Black Daniels battles his inner demons. The story is a visual presentation of his former life, living on the streets in Copenhagen, and the struggle it brought with it. Watch ”Gorilla Dub”:

The new single "Gorilla Dub" is faithful to the unique soundscape that characterize Black Daniels, and is without a question a new masterpiece in a rare combination of Hip Hop, funk and Drum & Bass. With his passion for mc’ing, alongside with his tendency to break the rules and run against the current in manifesting his originality, Black Daniels succeeds in taking it to a higher level. - A true masterpiece.

This man is on a mission, to present Drum & Bass in a brand new way.

Listen to ”Gorilla Dubhere!

Upcoming shows:

28st August Loftas Festival (Vilnius, Latvia)
29th August RAW, (Copenhagen, Denmark)
04th September Outlook Festival (Pula, Croatia)

Black Daniels Contact:


Author: Jasper Skibsby
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