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Let it Roll Open Air 2015 starts after a few days. World's biggest DnB festival offers a solid line up, reached out more than 200 artists and producers from all over the world, who have а lot of tracks to show us. This year the festival is going to be held in between 30.07.2015 and 01.08.2015, full of music, as the fun will be allocate at six indoor and two outdoor scenes with a unique design. It is expected that over 20,000 spectators to visit Let It Roll. During the days, there will be an Underground stage, where the music and numerous daily activities will never stop. Expectations to the Festival are great and the organizers are doing everything possible to not disappoint the visitors.

At the festival there will be many artists who are among our favorites. Six major labels are going to present the best of their rosters at the main stage, where will also play some of the best artists of the world's DnB scene. Artists at the smaller stages also have something to show and represent us. Many local artists are waiting for their chance to perform at the same stage with their compatriots and international artists too.

Despite the large width of the line up, we we have done a list of 10 artists who will be missing at Let it Roll Open Air 2015. Here they are:

1. Netsky

Belgian producer participated in previous editions of  Let it Roll Festival and was an integral part of the Main Stage. His unique Liquid style was always favoritized by the fans. This year the artist released his new single Rio for Sony Music, which is also a part of his upcoming album. Since 2014, Netsky launched the project Netsky LIVE, which is a full band he tours with now. Why Netsky is not a part of the Main Stage, we don't know. We hope he is well and waiting for his new album.

2. The Upbeats

Looking at the Blackout's roster, we are asking ourselves "Where The Upbeats are?". The New Zealanders are in the peak of his career now and show some interesting things on the international neurofunk scene. Their tracks have been well received by the audience and their work is supported by major artists such as Noisia, BSE, State of Mind, Audio, Telekinesis and etc. Whatever The Upbeats are doing during the festival, we wish them success! Hope we'll see them at LiROA2016!

3. Billain

The unorthodox style of Billain has always been among the most sought in the international DnB scene. The Bosnian has quite atypical look at electronic music and always shows interesting selection in his sets. Unfortunately Billain is not a part of the Let It Roll 2015's line up and will be not able for us to enjoy his alien type of  DnB.

4. Fourward

The four Austrians are part of Shogun Audio. The project was created several years ago (2007) and presents interesting nеurofunk and ltechstep. The four artists have different musical backgrounds, which makes their style unique and interesting to listen. None of the Fourward's members is included in the Shogun Audio's roster for Let it Roll 2015.

5. Sub Zero

No Sub Zero at Playaz Label Night? That's strange for us. Sub Zero is an artist with nice Jump Up, Jungle tracks and selection. He is one of the long time members of Playaz Collective. We think, that he can be a great addition to Hype, Dillinja, Break, Annix and the others, but he is not a part of this years Playaz Label Night at Let it Roll

6. Zombie Cats

In 2014 Rregula and Dementia transformed into Zombie Cats and found their new home in the Hungarian based label Eatbrain. They released an EP for the reborn Jade's project and became an essential part of its roster. Honestly, Zombie Cats are among the artists, who we've never seen in live and we hoped that this would happen at Let It Roll. Unfortunately,  no Zombie Cats at LiR 2015.

7. Om Unit

The things, which Om Unit do with DnB music now are quite interesting. The artist continues to present his unconventional minimalistic style in creating Jungle and presents numerous interesting mixes at the different locations worldwide. We expected, that he will be a part of the Metalhedz line up for Let it Roll 2015, but when the roster of the Label Night was confirmed, Om Unit wasn't in it.

8. Optical

We have Ed Rush at the Main Stage. But where is Optical? No doubt, Ed will play a great number of tracks from the duo's discography, but there is something strange, when the name of Optical is missing. 

9. Calibre

Yeah, some people will ask us 'At which stage are you expecting Calibre to play?'. Actually, we are not sure about the answer. We don't have an idea at which stage the artist can fit in. But we think, that Calibre is one of the world biggest DnB artists and we think, that he can be a part of the world's biggest DnB festival's stage. 

10. Hyroglifics

Many people show Hyroglifics as one of the greatest talents of DnB music at the moment. The artist shows extraordinary style of producing and constantly create interesting tracks. He has already been at the stage of major festivals and showed great skills behind the decks. We hope that we will be able to see him on a stage at Let it Roll Festival soon.

Another missing DJs and artists are  the two Liquid veterans from Hospital Records: London Elektricity and Nu:Tone. At Let it Roll Open Air 2015 we are also without Riya's voice (the best DnB vocalist for 2014). Another big names outside the roster could be BCee, the returning neurofunk hero Skynet, the Czech Hard Bass artist Forbidden Society, Dabs and many, many more. Even though, LiR 2015's line up is looking great - with many artists, sub-genres and a lot of brand new tracks. There are three days before the start of the biggest DnB Festival in the world!

With that list we do not want to say we are dissatisfied with the Let It Roll Open Air 2015. We have no idea nor about the schedule of the following artists during the Festival, neither for LiR booking politics. This article only shows that we believe these artists would be a good addition to the entire roster, nothing more. 

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