[Q&A] Kinetik: We have been surprised about the support we fastly received [LiR Special]

Kinetik is one of the largest Belgian drum and bass organizations. It was created  few years ago, but now it has a huge impact over the music culture in the country. Kinetik regularly organizes DnB parties and most of the leading names in Europe participate regularly at their events. Moreover, Kinetik is an artist agency, that promotes some of the best artists in Belgium. As a label, the company regularly releases fearsome tracks, EPs and Compilations.

It is not a coincidence, that Kinetik are partners of Let It Roll for their country. This year the Belgians are going to host their own stage at the festival, together with Big Riddim Recordings. There we can see and hear some of the best artists of both organizations, as well as several special guests. The label night is going to be held on Saturday, August the 1st.

The manager of the organisation - Quentin, will tell us more about the activities and goals of Kinetik. In the following lines, you can read interesting facts about the Belgian DnB scene, about the participation in Let It Roll and other interesting things. Some days ago, one of the members of Kinetik and Big Riddim - WPL, has created a heavy LiR Warm Up Set. Here it is. Have a nice reading and listening!

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Bass Blog [BB]: Hello, Quentin! Kinetik is the largest DnB organization in Belgium. How and when was created this project? How many people are you in Kinetik?

Quentin (Kinetik) [QK]: 
Hi! Everything started from a radio show I hosted, formerly called “Dub Session” launched in August 2011. Our aim was to promote the Dubstep & Drum & Bass music scene. In January 2013 we started to host our show on a bigger radio station - in Brussels - and I decided to focus on Drum & Bass only and that’s when I started Kinetik. Things went very fast Kinetik Records was launched together with our first “Kinetik Takeover” Party in Brussels with a massive neurofunk line up; Billain, Maztek, Neonlight, Aeph, Memtrix & Fourward. Actually we’re a team of 4 people.

BB: Tell us more about the Drum and Bass scene in Belgium. What kind of parties prevail? How many people gather at the large parties?

QK: The belgian Drum & Bass scene is very developped with many small & local parties but also many established bigger promoters. We’re more into Neurofunk and the Darker Drum & Bass, the most represented subgenres are Jump Up and Neurofunk. When it comes to numbers, such parties can gather from 500 to 3000 ravers. 

BB: Kinetik organizes some of the biggest events in Belgium. What artists participate in your events? Do you have resident guest artists?

QK: As we’re also an artist agency we surely have our own artists, mostly locals with big potential such as SkuD, Qanok or Human Error. Check out some of their mixes, especially Qanok’s “minimixes” on his Soundcloud page. It’s extremely massive.

BB: As a label Kinetik releases artists like: Freqax, Ca2K, Savage, BSA and many more. What is coming from Kinetik in the near future?

QK: We’re focussing a lot now on our record label, several things are coming up and many things are in negociation. I can’t reveal anything now, but keep an eye on our Soundcloud & Facebook pages ;-)

BB: When Kinetik has been created, did you expect such a great success?

QK: I have to admit we have been surprised about the support we fastly received from our fans. It’s always nice to see that people can enjoy what you’re doing and working (hardly) on. Success is not the most important part of the work, when it comes to music I couldn’t be happy if I don’t try to promote the sounds I love.

BB:   You are the main partner of Let it Roll in Belgium. Are you planning to organize Warm up party? 

QK: Last year we had a Warm Up Party for LiR but this year we didn’t have the time to sort this out.

BB: This year, Kinetik is a part of Let it Roll line up. You have your own stage, together with Big Riddim. Which artists will participate at this stage? Which day is going to be held?

QK: We’re hosting our own stage with Big Riddim on Saturday, August 1. We have many of our local artists coming over like SkuD, Qanok, La Junta, Darkan & Human Error. But also headliners of both of our labels: Freqax, WPL, Fragz! and Corrupted Minds Band. Big shouts to Giulio - aka WPL - who has made this thing possible.

BB: Are there any artists at the LiR Festival this year, which you would like be a part of Kinetik' roster?

QK: I think that as a label manager there are many artists of which you’d like to release tracks. But I don’t focus on “names”, it’s more about the tracks themselves. If I receive an interesting demo, everything is possible.

BB: In the Artists list of Kinetik has many Hardcore DnB DJs and producers. Are you interested in other subgenres and styles?

QK: I wouldn’t say “Hardcore”, it’s more heavy drum & bass (Crossbreed, Darkstep, Techstep). We’ve always had the same feeling about drum & bass: it should be all neurofunk & heavy stuff J

BB: Тhanks about your time! Wish something the readers!

QK: Thank you !


Our team wishes Kinetik & Big Riddim all the best during their common stage performance at Let it Roll. This stage will be very interesting for the fans from Bulgaria, because some Ogonek's tracks are going to be played that night. 

We want to thank to our partners from Let it Roll Bulgaria, which made the connection between us and Kinetik!

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