[Q&A] A-Cray: I never prepare my sets [LiR Special]

Undoubtedly, the Czech DnB scene is developed on a very high level. Artists like Rido, Qo, Forbidden Society and many more doing releases for the leading labels worldwide. The country has many strong organizations who regularly make great parties and festivals. An example of this is Let it Roll, which in a short time of eight years created the biggestt DnB festival in the world. It is logical, in so well developed scene in the country, to be young artists, which to grow quickly in business.

One of these young stars is A-Cray. Ondra debuted on the stage six years ago, but now he is one of the Let it Roll artists. He has participated in numerous large events in Czech Republic and Europe. Furthermore, he is a strong producer, with a great feeling to neurofunk. His tracks and collaborations are released by labels like Titan, Disturbed, Eatbrain and many more. His style of mixing is also unique, with very frequent changes of tracks and high dynamics. The crowd likes his approach and he shows his best everytime, when he is behind the decks.

This year А-Cray will be a part of the main stage at Let it Roll Open Air, alongside the artists such as Audio, Spor, High Contrast, The Prototypes, Friction and many many more. This is a great success for Ondra, who will surely be ready to show some interesting things, when he came on stage. What are his expectations, we can find the in the following interview. A-Cray also tells about his career, his future projects and other interesting things. Have a nice reading!



Bass Blog [BB]: Hi, Ondra! Days to Let It Roll are melting pretty quickly. What are your expectations from the festival this year?

A-Cray [AC]: 
This year will be massive! The lineup is better than ever, because this year we have some deeper artists on big stages! Thats what I missed on LiR last years. 

You will play on the Main Stage this year. Congratulations! How have you reached this great success?

AC: I am a member of LiR booking and there is not too many producers in CZ so they want to make big promo for me, but honestly I had no idea I am playing there until the lineup was released on facebook :D

BB: As part of the Let It Roll crew, you played at a large number of Warm Up events. Do you have fixed idea what will you play at Milovice Airport or you have not decided yet?

AC: The genre (or sub-genre) is always the same I guess, but of course there is lot of new tracks coming out every month so we will see.. But I never prepare my sets. I did it once and I didnt enjoy it at all.

BB: Will we hear your own tracks at the festival?

AC: You will hear them in my set of course :) I cant speak for other DJs...

BB: You participate in the new Dabs' release (for Eatbrain) and in the first edition of Let It Roll Compilation. What new can we expect from you? For which labels you are preparing tracks? 

AC: I am working on so many things right now. Eatbrain, Titan... Honestly I dont want to say anything else, because I am really stuck on everything right now. Wish me luck to break this produvtive block.

BB: Looking at the Festival’s line up, on which label night would you like to participate with pleasure? Where the style is most suitable with yours?

AC: Hard to say really. There are great producers everywhere! I also, I think, my tracks would also work for them as well (now I am talking about the genre, not the quality - I don't wanna sound cocky :D)

BB: Let's make a brief flashback. When did you get involved with Bass Drum & Bass? Who were your favorite artists in the beginning? How did you decide to start producing neurofunk?

AC: 2009. My dad introduced me to music production as well as to Logistics album 'Now More Than Ever'. So in the beginning, it was all about these liquids producers (yes, I produced liquid). Than I loved deeper stuff like Icicle, Skeptical or Spectrasoul, but through Spor, Noisia and mainly State of Mind, I've discovered neurofunk and started to produce it.

BB: Is there an artist of this year's Let It Roll line up, who was your favorite in the olden times?

AC: So many...seriously I can't make the list, that would be half of the line up :D As I said I don't know about DnB until 2009 so lots of my favorites are still "fully functional" :D

BB: How did you became a part of the Let It Roll bookings? When did it happen? What is your job in the organization?

AC:  They just liked my production and DJing I guess. It happened in 2013 right before Summer Let It Roll. They just asked me and I said 'yes'. My job is only to represent them as a part of a booking family and they are taking care of me nicely.

BB: What’s going on after Let it Roll Open Air? Some interesting Festivals and Open Airs? Hard work in the studio? Or maybe some rest at the beach?

AC: A lot of gigs. No beach for me this year :D Also I really have to work hard in a studio, I said 'yes' to every remix or collaboration and now I am paying for that.

BB: Thank you for your time! Wish something the readers!

AC: I hope you all can visit LiR this year! No better place for DnB head in the world!! :)


This is our last interview about Let it Roll Open Air 2015. We are thankful to the artists L 33, COPPA, Ant TC1, the guys from Kinetik and A-Cray for their response to our requests and for the beautiful answers. Also, we want to thank our partners Autonomic DnB Bulgaria and Let it Roll Bulgaria, which helped us for some of the interviews!

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