[Q&A] L 33: I cant wait to play at Let it Roll [LIR Special Short-Interview]

Welcome to Bulgaria! This is a small country in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Despite its small size, the country has a well developed Drum and Bass scene, which is concentrated mainly in the capital Sofia. With a big number of organizations, big artists and weekly parties, the city boasts a well-developed DnB culture. Things are different outside the capital. There are few artists and parties and it's very hard for the producers to become a part of the scene. Well, every rule has its exceptions. One of these is L 33.

Dayan Kutsarov was born in Veliko Tarnovo. The artist is only 21 years old now, but already has big releases for labels like RrogRAM, Disturbed, Lifted, Eatbrain and many others. The youngster has collaborated with artists such as COOH, Ganchar & Ruin, DabsJade and receives support from some of the biggest names in the Neurofunk scene. Currently, L 33 is one of the most successful music artists in Bulgaria and enjoys great popularity within the country. With appearances in Greece, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe, the artist has already become one of the most famous names in Neurofunk genre worldwide.

A few weeks ago a  L 33's track was released in the big compilation of Drum and Bass Arena. By the end of the year are expected many more successful EPs from the artist. His work don't stop with the hours in the studio. With many dates in Bulgaria and Europe, Dayan almost every week is busy with an event. Besides being a successful DJ and producer, L 33 is doing well as a promoter. He regularly organizes DnB parties in his hometown, which are attended by more and more people.

This year L 33 will be part of Eatbrain Label Night of Let It Roll Open Air. He is the second Bulgarian participant at the biggest Drum and Bass festival in the world (the first one is COOH at LiR 2011). In the next few lines L 33 will reveal the secret of its growth, as well as some other interesting things about his past and future. Have a nice reading!

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The Interview:

Bass Blog [BB]: Hi, Dayan! You're only 21 years old and you are already one of the well known neurofunk artists worldwide. How did you achieve this success in such a short time?

L 33 [L33]: 
I think the key is to really enjoy what you are doing and don’t take it too seriously. 

BB: How did you start your career? How long ago? How old was you then? What prompted you to start DnB? Which artists have inspired you in the beginning?

L33: I started doing some music related stuff when I was at early age of 13-14. 
I remember listening to some drum and bass when I was a bit older (15-16) but I didn’t even realize what kind of music is that. I was like “ I NEED TO GET INTO IT!” and yeah after some time I was obsessed with DnB. I think it was Spor.

BB: A few weeks ago, your track has been released in the compilation of Drum and Bass Arena. We have heard your new unreleased demo-tracks. What can we expect from you in the near future? Will there be any interesting collaborations? For which labels you're working on tracks now?

L33: The most exciting thing is probably my LP which is coming on Eatbrain. But I can’t tell any date yet. I hope It won’t take a while. At the moment I’m concentrated on it. A single on Position Chrome is finished as well, featuring my good friends COOH and Gancher & Ruin.

BB: You will be part of Eatbrain Label Night on this year's Let it Roll Open Air. What do you expect from the festival? 

L33: I can’t wait to play at Let It Roll. Should be a night to remember. 
To be honest It’s one of the sickest festivals around and I’m honoured to be a part of it this year. 

 Which other artists will we see at the Eatbrain Label Night? Which artists you want to see at the Festival?

Jade, Mindscape, Neonlight, Maztek, Optiv & Btk and me. MC Kryptomedic will be hosting the stage. Well, a lot of familiar faces will be there, I hope I will be able to catch most of them!

Thanks about the interview! Wish something the readers!

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