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Broken Balkanz Festival is the oldest DnB fest in Eastern Europe. It's also the first Open Air in Bulgaria and the only musical gathering of the artists and fans from all around the Balkan peninsula. Each year the event offers a intense program of over 40 hours non-stop music, more than 40 artists and incessant entertainment in various places in Bulgaria. Over the years the festival has always held near Sofia: Balsha, Vladaya, Katina, Malo Buchino and others. At the event was attended by artists of the caliber of: The SectSporCurrent ValueDonyMefjusJ MajikNoisiaShy FX, LTJ BookemDilinja and many many more

This year will be held the fifteenth edition of Broken Balkanz. Especially for the anniversary, the organizers of HMSU decided, only artists from the Balkan peninsula to take part in the festival. Among the guests we can see the big names of: BilainTreo & Crimsonix (Splasheads), InsomTelekinesisDisphoniaL 33, all the residents from the peninsula and many bulgarian DnB and Bass artists.

The event will take place on Vitosha mountain, near the hut Momina Skala. Tickets are already on sale.

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Disphonia is a Greek neurofunk project, launched in 2006. It involves Kostas Nomikos and George Alexander Roubinis. Over the years, the two artists create their own unique style, that brings them great popularity. With a lot of releases for european major labels, and regular participation of major events and festivals, the duo is very well recognizable at the world stage. During its 10-year history, Disphonia become neurofunk brand, which is known to all.

Disphonia is a regular participant of the massive summer festival - Broken Balkanz. Every year, when the two artists are in the line up, the audiences very excited and energized. Any their participation at the festival is highly memorable and brings many pleasant emotions to the crowd. With multiple visits back in the time, Disphonia are one of the most beloved artists, participated at Broken Balkanz Open Air.

In the next few lines, the duo will talk about their past and future, about the new projects and releases, about the scene in Greece and at the peninsula, and, of course, about Broken Balkanz Festival. Have a nice reading!



Bass Blog [BB]: Hello, guys! Let’s make a little retrospection. How the "Disphonia" project has been started? What brought you together? Did you have individual DnB projects, before Disphonia?

Disphonia [D]: We started working together in 2006, when we understood, that we both shared the same passion for a type of drum n bass and that we both were interested in producing this sound. This demanded a conscious effort and it was apparent that it wasn't going to be an easy task, so as soon as we got serious and we put behind us  the necessary years of sonic experimentation & our fair share of DAW changes , we were finally ready to put out "november" which came out in 2011. That was the track that set the wheel in motion for us. 

BB: Now you have releases for Eatbrain, SOM Music, Blackout, Citrus, Dutty Audio and many more. From where did you started in the beginning? Which was your first organization?

D: Indeed we have releases on the above labels, all except Blackout which is a label we'd like to release material on in the future. Hopefully your mistake will be an awesome self-fulfilling prophecy for us :P  since they're going from strength to strength and are releasing quality tunes. Our first tune was "November" as we mentioned above and that came out on the French-Belgian "Mindtech".We can't thank them enough for their trust in us and their support. Music producing aside, we were also actively involved in "Funxion" - a event organizing team that had been around for 10 years from the early 00's and was responsible for allot of key parties that shaped the landscape for proceeding generations. Generations that weren't interested only in looking back for inspiration but embracing the new and different elements emerging .

BB: Are you preparing some new stuff? EPs, album, tracks, collaborations? With which artists you are working recently? For which labels?

D: We have a new track with Coppa on mic duties for his debut album, "An Act of aggression" (interview and promo coming soon - Bass Blog), which has just been released . We are also working on our first EP in the making for Eatbrain and has been much more work than anticipated but it will be labor of love. We have always put quality before quantity and even though the times & current affairs are a sign of the contrary being true, we know that we have to do it justice first and foremost for us! Obviously people's acceptance and appraisal plays a big role as a motivational factor and we a grateful for this ! 

We have different projects in the making for labels like Druid e.g , more exciting  collaborative tracks with other producers and we are hoping that the next couple of month will prove to be productive and efficient.

BB: Will be there in Greece some Broken Balkanz Warm up party? 

D: In the last 2-3 years we have organized some events with the "Enemies of the State" team in Athens, which have been successful for the most part but there is currently a shortage of spaces and club-owners that are willing to get behind the music financially. Most club owners have become "tunnel vision-ed" and aren't open to suggestions so we are finding it unfeasible to organize parties on "their" terms . Its important for us to be involved in a scene that is vibrant / exciting  and we are not willing to compromise for the sake of being "active". Unfortunately, as of late there is an ever decreasing number of people attending d&b parties and even international guests that would traditionally have large turnouts are starting to lack vibe, making parties feel ordinary which in turn takes a toll on the scene.

We would really like for there to be another Broken Balkanz event in Athens (as there was last year) but unfortunately the conditions this year make it close to impossible.

BB: This year only artists from the Balkans will participate at the festival. Do you think, this is a good move for the development of the DnB in the region?

D: It is an important move and something that was inevitable. At this point in time, the Balkan countries have so much to offer as far as talented producers are concerned and the bulk of output that can easily cover any festival runtime. The following in most Balkan countries is large and this dynamic can be self sufficient in this region. The people should definitely support this bold move and should show full support for their local producers, djs and promoters. This next generation of producers that are keen to get involved will definitely have many figureheads to reach out to and know that they in turn grew up in their  hometown or in a similar surrounding. This exemplary model can only help and will bring many more producers in the years to come.

BB: Is there some artists, which you would like to hear at the festival? With whom of the announced artists, would you like to do a b2b session?

D: This festival in particular has one thing that is great and that is that the whole spectrum of dnb is covered. The people involved give it their best and their zeal is hard to come by, so saying that we prefer one artist in particular would contradict the ethos of this festival and what we think it stands for. Anyone attending the HMSU summer events should definitely have an open mind and  expect to hear a diverse range of sounds from all the dj's that will be representing. We'd like to get involved in the massive b2b sessions which takes place on the last day and are great because any artists can get up on stage and drop a tune or two. (unfortunately we weren't able last year to partake. May be this year we can :P )   

BB: The Greece DnB and Dubstep scene is developing very quickly. You have a lot of new talents, such as Ms Dos and Taztical. Is there in Greece some newcomer, whom would you like to point as the future big star from the country?

D: The term "big star" in genres such as dnb or dubstep almost sounds like sarcasm because it is hard to imagine this culture will always have mainstream approval. We are happy that there are a handful of good producer representing this part of the world but even happier that its diverse and covers all subgenres of dnb. We don't think there is much point in naming artists or showing favoritism, we'd like to wish them all the strength to persevere in their craft, ignoring the tough socio- economic climate and have the joy of creativity as the reward "…that keeps on giving".       

BB: Besides the Neurofunk project, you are doing really nice Dubstep tracks for Platform Music. Do you have some other musical projects or aliases?

D: We don't have any alternate aliases for other projects. We've started a few techno, electro and dubstep tracks but right now with the limited time we have, we'd rather focus on drum n bass. We don't want to rule out the possibility of these tracks being released at some point, so I guess you'll have to wait and see :P    

BB: Will you play at your full strength at Broken Balkanz, or only one of you will be a part of the line up (like the last year)?

D: It isn't practical for both of us to travel to our destinations mainly because it doubles the travel expenses and in most cases that price is already steep. Greece is literally on the edge of the European union so in most cases we travel like nomads making mini tours within EU, oftentimes not returning back to Greece  for a whole week, like that time when we were in London and had to go to France for a couple of day before going to Amsterdam. In this case right after the HMSU festival we have to go to the Czech republic to play on saturday. We have to take into consideration what is economically viable and practical for promoters in  Europe if we are going to make it all work out smoothly. 

This year Kostas will be performing at the festival, but all performances are the product of our combined efforts and demand meticulous selection so that even when one of us  is playing somewhere the "Disphonia" sound is represented in all its duality. Ha!!

BB: Thanks about your time! Wish something the readers!

D: Thank you for the interview proposition and best of luck with your blog. We'd like to wish the readers an enjoyable festival season and that they fall in love with the music, so that when they come back from their holidays they return fully recharged!


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