[Q&A] COPPA - An Act of Aggression (Album Promo)

In the last 10 years a powerful voice shakes the drum and bass scene. The lyrics of COPPА can be heard in the tracks of every major label, and his live performances always raise the mood of the audience. The MC starts with the idea to become a hip-hop artist, but he quickly realizes that his flow is perfect for Drum and Bass and Dubstep tracks.

COPPA participated in tracks from artists like Mindscape, Prolix, Telekinesis, Forbidden Society, Signs and many more. He hosts the sets of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Dany Byrd, Aphrodite, SKISM, Akira, Ajapai, Matrix & Futurebound, High Roll and has led the many of the biggest label nights in bass music. Once his fame grew quickly, COPPA founded his own label in November last year - Comanche Records. After one EP and two album samplers, the debut album of COPPA was released officially on Monday.

"An Act of Aggression" LP contains 11 exclusive Drum and Bass tracks and one remix. COPPA participate in all of them. His rhymes can be heard over the heavy basslines from Disphonia, Machine Code, Raise Spirit, Borderline, Mindscape, Benny L, Heamy, Hallucinator, Hidden, Virtue, Maztek and the Bulgarian producers COOH and High Roll. Behind the mic we can hear also Nihayet and Damian Yonge.

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And now sit back, relax and play this set, which is made for the world biggest DnB information platform - Drum & Bass Arena. Listen to the heavy tracks from the album and the deep voice of COPPA. Now, you are ready to read the full interview, using this mix as a background. Enjoy the words of the mighty MC with your eyes and ears!



Bass Blog [BB]: Hey, Marvin! A few months ago you launched your own records label: Comanche Records. How did Comanche evolved in time?

MC COPPA [C]: The reason I launched Comanche Records last November, was because I wanted an outlet for my creative works that I had total control over, meaning I could design the projects and the concepts from the ground upwards. Also the freedom to be able to release whatever I wanted, with whoever I wanted, when I wanted. Its nice to be able to surprise people as well with ideas, collaborations and sounds that people wouldn’t usually associate with me. Comanche has definitely been a great vehicle for me to express a lot more of my self without being limited to one particular sound within drum and bass.

BB: So, your debut album 'An Act of Aggression'. When was it released?

C: The full LP release (iTunes etc) was on Monday, so far the response and leading up to the release has been amazing. It's great to see all the hard work everyone has put into it alongside myself come to light in such a positive way.

BB: Bulgarian artist COOH is among the artist, attending in the LP. Which other artists will be included in the album?

C: Mindscape, Hallucinator, Machine Code (Dean Rodell & Current Value), Disphonia, DJ Hidden, Benny L, Virtue, Raise Spirit, Borderline, Heamy, Maztek

BB: How you 'chose' these artists? They have very different styles. Is this purpose of the album? The different sound in the every track?

C: I “chose” the artists on the LP because they are all, like many others, producers and artists I thought would be cool to work with. Obviously people like Mindscape i´ve worked with a lot of the years and we have a really great understanding, process and vibe when working together on tracks, but it was great to reach out to other people who i´ve not worked with yet also. When its in an in-house Comanche project I really like to take time and align the vision of the song idea with the right producer for maximum impact  - regardless of style or “sound”. I think we nailed it on every track on the LP. The guys really shined bright in every area. It was definitely the purpose of the LP to showcase a lot of different shades of drum and bass music under one banner – a celebration of diversity within our culture.

BB: How many is the number of all the tracks?

C: 12 original track including a remix from Maztek!

BB: After "An Act of Aggression", what's next from Comanche Records? Which artists will be featured in the next releases from the label?

C: I really like to keep people guessing as to what we are doing next, but you can definitely expect some of it to be the work we are doing with High Roll aka Mocks & Konspirator . We are working on some really cool stuff together at the moment.  I´ve known Martin & Dimo for years through their HMSU crew & parties, so it was finally great to get something together in the studio. We can't wait to show people what we´ve been doing the last months together, I think people are going to be in for a very nice surprise with this particular project, I know i´m already proud of our work so far on it.

BB: Will there be only Drum & Bass tracks, released from the label, or you will add some variations on the style in time?

C: My musical taste, along with everybody else I know, is not only limited to drum and bass , so in theory Comanche shouldn’t be either. However there is so much more to express within drum and bass as the boundaries are so wide there’s still a lot of ground to cover within this genre. There are however some non-dnb remixes already scheduled for release later this year.

BB: In releases for which labels will you participate as a guest soon? With which artists?

C: I have a couple i can talk about – I have track collab “Repeat“ on Tantrum Desire´s LP “Diversified”  that just came out on Technique Recordings. Two other collab tracks coming out in August on a Technique Recordings compilation as well – you´ll have to wait see for those ones :) One track with Machine Code (Dean Rodell & Current Value) on Eatbrain coming over summer, plus another track with another artist on Eatbrain (more details later from Eatbrain), a track collab called “Counterbalance“ coming out on C4C´s label in a few months, this is also with Machine Code... I could actually go on forever with this question and as i´m not at home at the moment i couldn’t recall everything, lets just say there’s a lot more collab & feature´s coming out over the next months.. :)

BB: Some questions about the MCing. The first one is a little bit philosophical: Crowd's opinion about the MCs is always in the two extremes. Many fans like them, but much more consider them as "unnecessary" during their live acts. What is your opinion on this issue? Why most of people do not like MCs, despite their efforts?

C: That question is always something I find quite amusing :) I think the “MOST people don’t like MC´s” thing is actually not very accurate.  I think there’s several factors at play here. It depends where & what your experiences of MC´s are. In UK  we´ve grown up with being around a good amount of high quality MC´s within our domestic scene so in that particular case the demand for MC´s and what they bring to a party is high.  I think that if people in some other places have been exposed to not so good MC´s regularly then they will carry a different opinion and not necessarily know what a good MC can bring to a party. 

This is an issue to bring up with the promoters as they are the ones who book and allow these “MC´s” on the mic and DJ sets, rather than issue to bring up with the professional MC community. There’s many regional & international promoters that know who to book as an MC for their events, it works and they continue to do so. Also I think a lot of these  opinions are referenced from the comments on the internet, a lot of the time from people sat at home listening to live drum and bass sets or events recorded (and a few trolls aswell), and not actually there at the time.  Unless its a studio or a radio set, the concern of the performers is primarily for the people in front of them at the event. I think the proportion of these people is actually a lot smaller than you think.  

The internet can distort reality, so you see 10 comments on a live set recording on YouTube where 10 people are saying “hate the MC, kill the MC blah” and think this is representative of the masses. However this may not the actual opinion of the majority of the 2-5000+ people at the festival stage enjoying the show. So the numbers don’t really balance when you look it like that? Or the hundreds and thousands of party people who go out every weekend who enjoy a GOOD MC on entertaining a party. I know there are many times when the MC is not doing a good job and also I know of even more times when a DJ isnt as well, yet it would be silly of myself to form an opinion of ALL “Djs” from these experiences and cases. 

I can't really speak for everyone, but i´ve never really encountered that “don’t like MC´s” thing around my work, quite the opposite in fact, which is why I continue to work. If I genuinely felt that the scene or the actual crowds didn’t like MCs as a whole, i´d find other work or have no work :) I think the issue is of quality control or lack of it in some cases.

BB: How have you decided to become a MC? What made you to do this? Have you been engaged with another music genres before Drum and Bass?

C: I kind of became an Drum and Bass MC by accident, I was  writing rhymes even before I could spit them. I´ve always had a love for hip-hop and ragga, so that kinda where my inspiration for writing came from. DnБ was the first music I was around where I could start to say some of these early Coppa rhymes.

BB: Warmer months are coming. At which Open Air Festivals you are planning to attend in the summer?

C: A couple of the big ones are Let it Roll in Czech Republic, (i´ll be performing my new Coppa LIVE show there)  and also Grape Festival in Slovakia with L-Plus (Technique Recordings)

BB: Would you like to participate at an event in Bulgaria in the future? 

C: Yeah definitely, you´ll see me there again soon no doubt, its been a while since I was last in Bulgaria but all those events I had an absolutely wicked time, you got a great bunch of dnb heads & party people in BG!

BB: Thanks about your time! Wish something the readers :)

C: Go outside and enjoy yourselves this summer and get off the internet haha.. on the real - most importantly have fun and be safe:)

The next big stop for COPPA will be LET IT ROLL Open Air near Prague (Czech Republic). The festival is going to be held between 30.07 and 01.08. There the mighty MC will perform in LIVE act - an inovative way to represent his own new tracks from "An Act of Aggression" LP and the other massive masterpieces. See you there, guys!

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