Outlook Festival 2015: Dubstep Boat Parties - Day One

As you know, Bass Blog /by DutZie/ crew likes Dubstep. That's why we'll pay a little more attention on the entertainments at the open sea in Croatia, based on this style. Right from the first day of the sea fun near Pula (September 3rd), our eyes caught a really interesting party.

Levelz Boat Party. Well, we are aware, this is not pure Dubstep, but rather is a Grime with Dub impurities. However, this party deserves our attention. We'll see goals 11 favorite artists. Manchester machines Chimpo and Skittles will be supported by Chunky, Biome, Johny Dub, Metronome, Thrutos Mufasa, MC Fox, Rich Reason, Sparx and T-Man. We expect a heavy dose of quality bass and quick, biting rhymes with dynamic flow.

The party starts at 20:30 local time and will last for three hours. Ticket information will be given next week.

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