Outlook Festival 2015: DnB Boat Parties - Day Two

Drum and Bass parties at sea are well represented in the second day of Outlook Festival 2015. Two boats will be filled with hypervelocity bass of the highest class. We will be able to enjoy a very strong list of Critical Music artists, and Something Big boat offers us a really great roster of DnB artists.

Critical Music Boat Party (Friday, 16:45 - 19:45)

Led by label-manager Kasra, Critical Music will have six strong representative of their own boat, that will come in three strengths b2b sessions. Famous MC Mantmast will help to lift the mood. What we expect of Critical Music Party Boat:

Kasra -b2b- Foreign Concept
Enei -b2b- Emperor
Hyroglifics -b2b- Ivy Lab

MC Mantmast


Something Big Boat Party (Friday, 19:30 - 22:30)

At this boat are going to attend several well-known British names. MC Focus will support the presentation of Icicle, Ant TC1, Skeptical and Plo.

Ant TC1

MC Focus

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