Let it Roll Vol. 1 [Special DnB Compilation]

Let it Roll officially announced that they are ready to release a brand new DnB compilation. The album contains 40 tracks by world-renowned artists. 12 of the pieces will be created specifically for this release. Among artists can be seen Noisia, Mefjus, The Upbeats, Ed Rush & Optical, Icicle, Insideinfo, Hazard, Neonlight, Technimatic, State of Mind, A.M.C, Phace & Misanthrop and many many others.

The debut compilation is going to be released officially on June 8th, as the Pre-Order sales begin on the 25th of May The album will be distributed in digital download and a special 2 CDs edition.

The 12 EXCLUSIVE tracks are comming from BSE, SOM, The Upbeats, Mefjus, Enei, A-Cray, Rido, Neonlight, Hybris, A.M.C, B-Complex, Aze, Madface, Computerartist & QO.

The compilation is out today. You can buy Let it Roll vol. 1 from all the good stores:

- Google Play (Digital)
- iTunes (Digital)
- Beatport (Digital)
- Spotify (Digital)

- Amazon (2xCDs)

- EscapeWear.cz (2xCDs)

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