[Q&A] INSOM: Obsession is the main secret of every artist

The biggest Drum and Bass Open Air Festivai in Eastern Europe, Broken Balkanz, is going to be held between 17th-19th of july. The organizators HMSU have announced the first 11 headliners. One among them is the neurofunk beast from Greece - INSOM.

With his unique style, full of perfection, Insom is known like one of the most pedantic neurofunk artists in the world. The Greek producer has a lot of releases for some of the biggest labels of the genre like: Ammunition, Sinuous, Disturbed, Future Funk and more. He also has a participation in Bulgarian label Metafiziq as a feat. in Anthrax's track Stramonium:

In the next few lines, Insom talks about his future participation at Broken Balkanz Festival 2015, about Warfare Recordings, about his Dub label Reggaewise, about his future plans and projects and many many interesting things. Enjoy the reading!




Bass Blog [BB]:  Hi, Gabriel! How did you start playing Drum and Bass? What made you choose this music genre?

Insom [I]: Hi! I started playing with Oze & Artizda as Urban Danja various Bass & Breaks. Drum&Bass is my main music mostly for the energy that offers you.

BB: You are from Greece, just like Disphonia, Camelorg, Myselor and many more. Seems like the Neurofunk genre is well spread in your country. Was it difficult for you to become а successful artist in such a big scene?

I: Neurofunk is the most common genre of drum&bass you will hear in Greece, indeed, but I dont think the scene can be described very big, there are many parties, lots of free big ones, but compairing to other styles of electronic music, people  making and releasing drum&bass are not many. Becoming successful inside a country like Greece is easier than others, but living from this is difficult.

BB: You are also a  Dub producer. What is the common thing between these two genres, according to you? 

I: Dub & Drum&Bass share the same origins. They emerged different decades in the UK, but the influence of Jamaica's people that moved to England from the 60s to the 80s is the main reason that Dub soundsystems became popular in Europe, and this had a big influence in the early rave scene late 80s to early 90s.

BB: Your Reggae-Dub label “Reggaewise” is going pretty well. What can we expect from the label in the near future?

I: We have just released Dub Riots's debut ep, an Electronica Dub project with my friend iGL, plus we have a forthcoming album from the greek Reggae/Ragga/Hiphop singer Big Shine. Reggaewise is also a series of parties we do mainly in Athens, with guests from Greece or abroad, not only djs, but musicians too, trying to bring a more live vibe in our nights.

BB: What is the secret behind your tricky and perfect sounding Neurofunk tracks?

I: Obsession is the main secret of every artist, while how you sound has to do with working and equipment.

BB:  Are you preparing more Neurofunk tracks and/or releases?
I:  Last thing I ve finished is the remix on Proton King's One Day on Earth for Druid Records, mostly deeper rolling stuff. I am working on a tune with Mc Shot this period, and some remixes are about to start too.

BB: You will be the headliner at this year’s edition of Broken Balkanz. Are you prepared for the festival?
I: I am always prepared for festivals and parties :)

BB: This is going to be the 15th jubilee edition of Broken Balkanz. There will only be artists born in the Balkans.  What do you expect from the festival?
I:  I expect nice music in a nice place and to meet people we share common interests.

BB: Will you play Dub in the morning hours, besides your midnight Neurofunk set?
I: I dont know, that's a nice idea I have to speak with the crew. 

BB: What do you think about the Balkan DnB scene? Do you see progress in the musical scene, or do you think it is becoming stale and frozen?
I: Balkan Drum&Bass last years is only rising, with new names from all the countries, mostly hard sound, but some liquid and jungle too.

BB:   Can you point to some artist, who you believe will be the future DnB superstar in the Balkan scene?

I: MsDos after releasing in GLR and Liquid V, is now touring America, whilst L33 with releases on Ram and Lifted is a rising name.

BB: This isn't your first visit to Bulgaria. A year ago you were playing at the Warfare Launch Party. What did you think about that event?
I: It was a nice experience, I ve met cool people, and I enjoyed the whole party.

BB: First Warfare Recordings EP (Fallin Down / Sonar) is going to be released. Will you be a part of the future releases of the label?

I: Yes, I have a remix ongoing for Warfare.

BB:   Do you plan collaborations with some Bulgarian artists in the future?
I: There is nothing planned yet, but yes, I am willing to work with Bulgarian artists, not only drum&bass.

BB: Thank you for this interview! Is there something you would like to wish to the readers?

I: Me thanks! I wish all people to have open minds and ears.

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