Freqax: Always believe in yourself!

Freqax (short for Frequency Axe) was created as a musical project in 2009. In the first years it is a b2b duo, composed of WEIRDO and Adrenalina. After three years of mixing different genres and presentation of original and unprecedented style, Adrenalina decided to quit and the duo became the solo project (as we know it now).

Currently Freqax is one of the best artists of the world Hardcore DnB scene. With a lot of releases for PRSPCT, Yellow Stripe, Big Riddim Recordings, Forbidden Society Recordings, Metafiziq Recordings and many others, the artist became one of the most efficient artists worldwide. His powerful and unique style is easily recognizable, and his tracks was played at quite a few major events across the Europe.

In the years Freqax visited Bulgaria many times. He is a regular participant at the biggest DnB festival in Eastern Europe - Broken Balkanz. As everywhere in the world, and in Bulgaria, the crowd accepts him very well and always flies into euphoria during his sets. The last event, with Freqax in the line up, was Othercide Invites: Sofia, where he, alongside Neks, Hidden, Katharsys, Ogonek and COOH, have created an unique event, full of heavy music and great emotions.

In the next few lines, Freqax will talk about his career and about the interesting ongoings at the Balkan Peninsula. The interview will be part of our Broken Balkanz Coverage.

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Bass Blog [BB]: Hello, Adrian! You are one of the well known Hardcore DnB artists worldwide. You have many releases for Othercide, Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT and many more. Why did you chose this style of DnB?

Freqax [F]: Hello guys! Well, i grew up listening electronic and rock music and my first contact with a drum and bass track was when i ve heard Charly (trip into drum and bass version) from The Prodigy. Being interested in computers also, i tried to reproduce what they and other bands or electronic music producers where doing that time. I choose drum and bass because i really find myself in it. I dont need drugs or alcohol to understand it or to make me move. I really mean it when I say I love it and I can say with the hand on my heart "drum and bass, it's my life".

BB: You often visit to Bulgaria. You are quite aware with the scene here. According to you, are the Romanian and Bulgarian DnB scenes comparable each other? What is similar and what is different between them? Can the both scenes be competitive with those in the the biggest European countries?

F: Both scenes are big and i think every dj that have played in these countries have only good words about the scenes. Every country, not only Bulgaria or Romania, have its own traditions or ways to welcome musicians. The important thing in the end is, everyone to have fun and enjoy the party.

BB: Things at the Balkan Peninsula are always developing dynamically. Which artist, according to you, is going to be the future big worldwide star from the region?

F: To be honest i really don't know. I like lots of drum and bass producers from Bulgaria and it's hard to give names. I can only say that as hard as you work on your music and you are doing it professionaly you can have some really nice surprises in return. It can be anyone.

BB: This year is the 15th edition of the Broken Balkanz. You're one of the resident artists of the festival. Will you be a part of the festival this year? What do you think about the Fest and the Broken Balkanz society?

F: Unfortunately I can not make it this year at Broken Balkanz Festival, but for sure next one. It's one of my favourite and I feel like home. The crew is doing a really good job and the locations they find for doing the festivals are really awsome.

BB: This year HMSU decided only artists from the peninsula to participate at the Broken Balkanz. What do you think about this decision? Would it help the development of the scene here?

F: I'm sure the guys from the crew know better what they are doing. They are in the middle of the scene and one of the biggest promoters also, they have thought well about this before they came with the idea for sure. 

BB: Are you working on new tracks? Can we expect new releases from you soon? Are you planning some interesting collaborations? 

F: Yes, tones of tunes will see the day light very soon i hope. I did an album for Othercide Recordings with 8 tracks and 2 free bonus tracks, 2 Collabs with Sinister Souls and 2 with Katharsys for Yellow Stripe Recordings (also i'm doing an album for them for next year), Murder EP for Othercide Recordings wich will contain 3 single tracks and a collab with Nanotek, Democracy EP for Black Hoe Recordings with two collabs with C-netik and Fragz and more and more..

BB: Have you got other music projects, besides the Hardcore Drum and Bass? Are you planning to start any new projects soon?

F: Yes, i have, but i cant say to much about that :D Lets call it a "possible surprise" :P

BB: Thanks for your time! Wish something the readers!

F: Have fun, all the best and dont stop believing in yourself!


More interviews are comming soon. Bass Blog /by DutZie/ has plans for 3 interviews in our Let it Roll Coverage (with Bulgarian star, label-manager and one more artist) and 1 interview with a hardcore DnB label-manager. And who knows? More interesting talks will be published soon ... maybe.
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