Bass Blog: Interview w/ Halogenix (Ivy Lab)

At the start of 2012 year, Sabre, Stray and Halogenix sit together in the studio and create an amazing DnB track "Oblique". As a result of this collaboration, the great DnB trio was created. From the beggining of its existence, Ivy Lab became one of the most respected projects at the scene. With strong releases for Critical Music and Metalheadz the trio represent their own unique soulful and intelligent Drum and Bass.

This year Ivy Lab are among the headliners of the Outlook Festival 2015. Some weeks before the great music Open Air in Croatia, the trio will be the big name of Outlook Festival Launch Party Sofia. A day before the event in Bulgaria, Bass Blog /by DutZie/ is speaking with one of trio - Halogenix. The interview is a part of our Outlook Festival 2015 Coverage and you can read it in the next few lines.



Bass Blog [BB]: Hi, Laurence! You will be the headliner of the Outlook Launch Party Sofia. What do you expect from this event? Are we going to hear some unreleased stuff?

Halogenix [H]: Hey! Not sure what to expect to be totally honest, it’ll be my first time in Bulgaria so i’m looking forward to seeing some new things. Definitely expect to hear some new material, we’re constantly making music so there’s lot’s to play!

BB: This is your first visit to Bulgaria. What do you know about the drum and bass scene here?

H: I know Robustus is from Bulgaria and we absolutely batter his tunes, so if that’s anything to go by then it should be great! And yeah, it’s my first time out there so i’m looking forward to seeing some new things!

BB: Please tell us more about Ivy Lab. What brought you together? How do you feel the collaboration in this trio? Do you change your style to the Ivy Lab’s spirit or is Ivy Lab more like a symbiosis of your three different views about drum and bass?

H: Coincidentaly, we all started working with each other in all possible combinations at pretty much the same time, i knew Stray through a friend of mine and my elder brother and Sabre’s younger brother went to University together which is how we became acquainted. Stray was also in the studio with Sabre purely by coincidence and once we discovered we were all working together we all met up and after a few sessions realised there was prospect in the project and so it was formalised and Ivy Lab as you know it was born. When we sit down to work together, I think there’s a natural tendency to suggest ideas or directions that we know will be favoured by the others, there’s definitely a sound that we look to achieve when working together that we may not do when working by ourselves so yeah i guess you could say it’s a definite symbiosis of the three of us, which is great I think.

BB: A few weeks after the Launch, you will be among the headliners at the Outlook Festival 2015. Will Ivy Lab perform in their full strength in Croatia?

H: Most definitely, we’ll all be out there representing, we’ve also got the amazing honour of hosting our own 20/20 boat so make sure you keep your eyes open for that! (It’s going to be sick)

BB: Thank you for the interview! Would you like to wish something to the readers?

H: Thanks for the constant support, and for those of you that come out to the party, I hope you enjoy it!

Outlook Festival Launch Party Sofia - 16.05 @ club MixTape 5:

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