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Klone @ Drum and Bass Special w/ Rascal & Klone @ Club MixTape, Sofia
Photo: JustEv1l Photography
Свободен превод на български: тук.

On March the 20th at MixTape 5 (Sofia), an unforgettable party happened. One of the biggest bulgarian DnB organizations, Chronic Vibez, had invited the mighty Klone. The club was full of excited fans and the big guest and his Bulgarian colleagues made a great night, which will be remembered for a long time.

After this big success, Chronic Vibes decided to repeat the vibe. The date is May the 29th. The venue is the same, MixTape 5, and Klone will be a headliner again. But this time he will be not alone. His stage mate Rascal will join the party and the one and only Skynet will interrupt his holiday in Bangkok, to perform in Bulgaria after a long time of resting.

In the days between this two big dates, Bass Blog /by DutZie/ got an interview from Klone. In the next few lines, Greg Lomas is going to talk about his last experience in Bulgaria, about the beginning of his long and successful career and about his favorite tracks and artists.




Klone Drum and Bass Special w/ Rascal & Klone @ Club MixTape, Sofia
Photo: JustEv1l Photography
Bass Blog [BB]: When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Klone [K]: I started DJing sometime around 94-95, I had already been producing music for a few years and had already bought alot
of records so thought I should get myself some decks and start DJing!  

BB: When your colaboration with Rascal was started? What brought you together in the beginning?

K: I started working with Steve (Rascal) around 95-96, he was putting on parties in the town where we lived and I was bugging him
trying to get a live PA set at his events! I would go to his house and use his decks to record mixes when i started DJing and
we soon discovered we liked similar styles so he came to my house to make music on my early set up.

BB: Can you describe your first memories of drum & bass?

K: I dont really have any conscious memories of the transition to drum and bass, when I first got into the music in 92 i was listening to hardcore/rave stuff then that kind of branched out into jungle-techno and happy hardcore, but i carried on listening to, buying and making all styles until about 95/96, hardcore had got very fast and stompy and lost its breakbeat, whilst the emerging stripped down rolling drums & bass sound from labels like No Smoking, Back2Basics, RAM, Formation, Joker, Rude & Deadly etc. really appealed to me

BB: You're part of the old school. Tell us more about the scene in the early years. Does drum and bass evolved with the years? What are the biggest differences between then and now?

K: Everything has evolved in the scene really from the music, the way we play it, the way we make it, the way we hear about it, but i dont think the vibe has ever changed, it's still just great music that puts a smile on my face. It's easy to get nostalgic about the old days, but for me its still all about great music, played loudly in a dark smelly club, nothing's changed too much there.
I think there's a big difference in how we access music now, everything is instant and so can be a bit more disposable.

BB: How difficult is it to become a recognizable name in such a big scene like this in Great Britain?

K: I don't think it's too difficult, if you make genuinely good music and you work hard then the opportunities are there.

BB: What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

K: Everytime I told myself not to give up! There have been a good few.

BB: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

K: Thats a tough one that I can't really answer. I wish I had got a bit more advice than I did back in the day when we were first starting out, we were very naiive.

BB: You and Rascal have participated in many events. What are the most memorable for you?

K: Hard to single out one, there have been some amazing ones. Lodz (Poland) 2003 was really good, a open air festival in the universirty grounds, i still see people talking about that night online. Puerto Rico 2002 was awesome too. Most of the best nights have been in small packed out clubs tho, i love that kinda atmosphere

BB: What are your all time top 10 tracks? 

K: Really hard for me to single out 10 but heres a selcetion from my top 25!

Stakka, Skynet & Konflict - Bios Fear
Staka & Skynet - Side Effect
Adam F - Circles
Decorum- Contrax
Konflict - Maelstrom
Jonnny L  - Piper (Grooverider mix)
Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (Future Cut Remix)
Bad Company - Planet Dust
Dillinja - Hard Noize
Hired Gun - No Competition
Cause 4 Concern - Relentless / Peepshow / Anything Circa 2001/2!

BB: And all time top 5 Rascal & Klone tracks? 

K: 1. Hyper Kinetic
2. Galactic Jam
3. Wildcard
4. The Grind
5. Ripchord

BB: Tell us more about the party. Did you enjoy it? 

K: I Absolutely loved it, it was a really great crowd and an amazing vibe in there. One of the best parties of played for a long time, you guys really know your music and I find it so humbling that people know and still have alot of love for tracks we did nearly 15 years ago.

BB: Did you hear the other sets? What do you think about the bulgarian DJ that night?

K: Yeah L33 smashed it, Fiks and Rood were wicked too, tho i think i had drank to much rakia by their set. Nice to hear all the guys playing selection of new and old stuff

BB: Do you know other Bulgarian DnB artists?

K: Yeah I've been a big fan of L33 since i first heard his stuff on Mindtech. Also Cooh obviosuly and happy to hear High Roll are doing things on the international scene. Seems Bulgaria has a great scene and some really big events, i look forward to hearing from alot more artists out there in the future.

BB: What do you think about the club and the crowd? Are they comparable to the British?

K: The club was great, real nice sound system, and the crowd were great, really knew their music. It's a real similar vibe to the tech d&b nights over here or anywhere

BB: What can we expect from you and Rascal & Klone in the future? Some big releases? Interesting gigs?

K: Yeah me and Steve (Rascal) have recently started working together a bit again, so hopefully there will be a lot more R&K gigs and tracks coming soon

BB: Can we expect Rascal & Klone at full strength in Bulgaria?

K: Absolutely, May 29th! Really looking forward to coming back. Love it there.

Klone & The Croud
20.03, Sofia, Bulgaria
Photo: JustEv1l Photography


Skynet, Rascal & Klone @ MixTape 5 (29.05, 22:30)

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